Gift Hampers for New-Born Babies

Baby gift hampers, when given as gifts, can be some of the most luxurious things that can be bought – but a common misconception is that the baby itself will actually be the recipient of the basket and its goodies. In reality most babies under the age of 12 months won’t be able to eat certain foods, nor will they be in a position to play with toys, and that’s why one of the first things to consider when buying a hamper is that you might want it to be tailored to the parents instead of the new born.

That’s not to say that the baby won’t still get to benefit from the goodies inside of the hamper; in fact, here are a few exciting ways to make sure that your hamper is appreciated by the parents as much as their baby.

Go Gluten-Free

One of the worst ingredients to give a baby is gluten. This substance can lead to substantial allergies and in extreme cases it can even be dangerous in large amounts. By going gluten-free, you’ll be able to ensure that the baby isn’t exposed to harm, whilst reassuring the parents that any snacks will be good for their child.

Think about Functionality

There are a few things that babies between the ages of a few weeks and a couple of years old will need – and they include nappies, wet wipes and possibly powdered milk. These necessities can be expensive, so much so that by including a selection of them within a hamper you could take a real load off of the parents for a short while. Just be sure to choose brands that they like and you won’t run the risk of giving them something that they’ll never use.

Goodies for Parents

If you’re really keen to tick all of the right boxes then you might also want to include a component or two that the babies’ parents will appreciate. Gluten-free snacks and nappies can be great for the baby – but there’s no harm in including something that the parents will appreciate when they have the time. Exciting ideas include a small bottle of alcohol or even a box of chocolates; in fact, as long as it’s clearly labelled then the parents will know that it’s intended for them and will undoubtedly look forward to some free time to enjoy it.

If you’d prefer to provide something that won’t leave you scratching your head for ideas, then why not opt for a ready-made gift hamper? Milly & Henry specialises in these types of baby hampers and some will come pre-designed and ready for your selection – saving you time and cash in the process.