Gift Ideas for a Baby

Buying for a baby can be incredibly challenging, what with so many potential hazards to avoid; including certain toys, clothing and even specific foods. But it won’t always be an option to avoid getting something, especially if you know the baby’s parents and want to make sure that they understand how much you care about their new born - so what can you do? Fortunately there are plenty of gift ideas for a baby available and we’ll be covering a few of the most appealing.

Baby Gift Hampers

These luxury items are widely available online and can be purchased in the form of a pre-designed and packed product, or customised to suit your specific wants and needs (of those of the baby and its parents). Most hamper making companies will offer a range of products to meet a variety of budgets and if you really want to save yourself time, choosing a pre-made gift basket can do exactly this, whilst being tailored to reflect the needs of a baby and its parents.


Although certain types of clothes can cause a reaction with a babies’ skin – that’s not to say that they can go naked for their first few months. Materials such as nylon and polyester can be abrasive, so if you decide to buy clothes, try to look for those that are made from cotton or sewn by hand using wool - as these will typically be much gentler on the skin.


New born babies will be restricted as far as their dietary habits are concerned, but this is only to keep them safe and at a lesser risk of developing allergies. Gluten can be one of the worst culprits, so if the baby is old enough for solid foods then be sure to go for types that are gluten-free. If the baby is being fed powdered milk however, then you may be better off finding the brand that the parents use and buying a few containers to lighten their expenses, whilst knowing that your gift will be put to good use.