Welcome to AS YOU RUN. This community of runners was established in 2019.

Whether you need a plan, help with improving pace, endurance, speed, motivation and/or nutrition, as a running coach I am providing individualized programs for you.

You need a running coach because:

> you signed up for a race and don't know how to train for it
> your running group does not personalize training
> you want feedback on runs
> you want to lose weight
> you want to avoid over-training
> you want to know how to fuel your body
> you want to improve your running form
> you have a personal goal that you want to achieve
> you want to increase your speed, pace, or endurance
> you want to meet other runners

AS you run began because one day I found myself reflecting on what I love and what I was good at. There were a few answers to this question. I remember thinking I was good at organizing, and I love doing that! I also agreed that I was a good mom, and I love being a mom! However, it was clear that I loved running for nearly my whole life. I recalled feeling fast in my earliest memories of my childhood. I remember the first race I ever ran, and won! Running was a passion that survived quite the love hate relationship that came along with it as I grew up with it.

So there was my answer to living a life doing what I love. If I could share my passion, knowledge, and experience with others my heart will be on fire! Sharing with others through coaching will challenge my athletes and help me grow with them in running and in life. That was a beautiful day to dream up this dream, and I was so lucky when my husband agreed with the vision. The AS you run community began with woman reaching out in trusting me with my coaching. We got together to determine a flexible and personal running plan before I even determined a system of coaching athletes from a distance.