I am a Senior Research Fellow at University College London (UCL)

My main research interests include information security, privacy, and cryptography, with a focus on:


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My work can be categorised into:

 (a) Research (theoretical & applied): designing provable cryptographic protocols,

 (b) Software engineering: developing new (decentralised) cryptographic applications and smart contracts. 

This diagram outlines my work. 

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"Decentralised Repeated Modular Squaring Service Revisited: Attack and Mitigation''

Aydin Abadi and Steven J. Murdoch

"Delegated Time-Lock Puzzle''

Aydin Abadi, Dan Ristea, and Steven J. Murdoch

"Timed Secret Sharing''

Alireza Kavousi, Aydin Abadi, Philipp Jovanovic

"Safeguarding Physical Sneaker Sale Through a Decentralized Medium''

Marwan Zeggari, Aydin Abadi, Renaud Lambiotte, and Mohamad Kassab

"Payment with Dispute Resolution: a Protocol for Reimbursing Frauds Victims''

Aydin Abadi and Steven J. Murdoch

"Recurring Contingent Service Payment''

Aydin Abadi, Steven J. Murdoch, and Thomas Zacharias

"Protecting (Young) Victims of Cryptocurrency Fraud"

 Aydin Abadi and Steven J. Murdoch

"Earn While You Reveal: Private Set Intersection that Rewards Participants''

Aydin Abadi and Steven J. Murdoch

Aydin Abadi, Steven Murdoch, Dan Ristea

"Glass-Vault: A Generic Transparent Privacy-preserving Exposure Notification Analytics Platform''

Lorenzo Martinico, Aydin Abadi, Thomas Zacharias, and Thomas Win

* It is available here

"A Forward-secure Efficient Two-factor Authentication Protocol''

Steven J. Murdoch and Aydin Abadi

* It is available here

"Multi-party Updatable Delegated Private Set Intersection''

Aydin Abadi, Changyu Dong, Steven J. Murdoch,  and Sotirios Terzis

* It is available here

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