Supervision of Graduate and Undergraduate Students


PhD Studies

  • Rana Özakıncı, A Software Defect Prediction Model Utilizing Qualitative and Quantitative Attributes, Hacettepe University, PhD, 2016 - .
  • Mehmet Söylemez, Developing a Maturity Model for Clinical Pathways in Healthcare Domain, Hacettepe University, PhD, 2016 - .
  • Tuğba Erdoğan, A Performance Analysis Method for Healthcare Process Improvement Using Process Mining Techniques, Hacettepe University, PhD, 2016 - .

MSc Studies

  • Ezgi Cankurtaran, An Analysis of Reusability on Event-Driven Architecture, Hacettepe University, MSc, 2016 - .
  • Gonca Canan İçöz, Developing a Plug-in to Eclipse IDE for COSMIC Functional Size Measurement of Java Business Applications, Hacettepe University, MSc, 2016 - ongoing.
  • Kevser Karakurt, Optimization of Patient Triage Processes via Dynamic System Simulation, Hacettepe University, MSc, 2016 - .
  • Samet Can, A Survey on the Maturity of IT Infrastructure of the Healthcare Sector in Turkey, Hacettepe University, MSc, 2016 - .
  • Bahar Gezici, Analysis of Design Metrics in Evolution of Mobile Software, Hacettepe University, MSc, 2017 - . (Co-supervisor: Assist.Prof.Dr. Oumout Chouseinoglou)
  • Sena Sönmez Çiçek, Code-based Comparison of Software Applications’ Mobile and Desktop Versions: An Exploratory Study , Hacettepe University, MSc, 2017 (Co-supervisor: Assoc.Prof.Dr. Vahid Garousi).
  • Uğur Yılmaz, A Method for Selecting Regression Test Cases Based on Sofware Changes and Software Faults, Hacettepe University, MSc, 2017 - .
  • Kübra Akeren, Multiple Usage of Process Discovery Algorithms in Process Mining, Hacettepe University, MSc, 2018 - .

BSc Studies



MSc Studies


10) Nebi Yilmaz, A Two-Dimensional Quality Evaluation Method for Open-Source Software Selection, Hacettepe University, MSc, 2017.

9) Fadime Ilisulu, Development of a Self-Assessment Tool for Business Process Maturity, Hacettepe University, MSc, 2015.

8) Rana Gonultas, Run-time Measurement of COSMIC Functional Size via Measurement Code Instrumentation into Java Business Applications, Hacettepe University, MSc, 2015.

7) Muhammet Ali Sag, Measurement of COSMIC Functional Size by Static Code Analysis of Java Business Applications, MSc, Hacettepe University, 2014.

6) Anil Aydin, Investigating Defect Prediction Models For Iterative Software Development: A Case Study, Hacettepe University, MSc, 2014.

5) Ahmet Ata Akca, Run-time Measurement of COSMIC Functional Size for Java Business Applications, Hacettepe University, MSc, 2013.

4) Mehmet Soylemez, Investigating Defects Root Causes by Using Orthogonal Defect Classification and Software Development Process Context, Hacettepe University, MSc, 2012.

3) Tugba Gurgen Erdogan, An Integrated Infrastructure for Software Process Verification, Hacettepe University, MSc, 2012.

2) Seda Gunes Yilmaz, Quantitative Comparison of Agile and Traditional Process Performances in Software Development: A Case Study, Hacettepe University, MSc, 2011.

1) Canset Altun, Improvement of Software System Test Process with Statistical Process Control, Baskent University, MSc, 2008.


4) Feyza Nur Kılıçaslan, Measuring and Evaluation of Agile Transformation in Software Organizations: An Empirical Study", Hacettepe University, MSc, 2018 (Co-supervisor: Dr. Haluk Altunel).

3) Damla Sivrioglu, A Method For Product Defectiveness Prediction with Process Enactment Data in a Small Software Organization, Middle East Technical University, MSc, 2012 (Supervisor: Prof.Dr. Onur Demirors).

2) Sema Gazel, A CMMI-Dev Ontology and Supporting CMMI-Based Process Assessments with an Ontology-Based Tool, Hacettepe University, MSc, 2009 (Supervisor: Prof.Dr. Ebru A. Sezer).

1) Serkan Kirbas, An Assessment and Analysis Tool for Statistical Process Control of Software Processes, Middle East Technical University, MSc, 2007 (Supervisor: Prof.Dr. Onur Demirors).

BSc Studies

4) E. Şule Alp, Burcu İskender, H. Övgü Çetin, "Topic searching in content descriptions of Open Source Software (OSS)", 2017 (Co-supervised with Assist.Prof.Dr. Burcu Can Buğlalılar).

3) Didem Öztekin, Büşra Tekinşen, and Gizem Öztürk, "Automatic analysis and classification of user reviews for Open Source Software (OSS)", 2017 (Co-supervised with Assist.Prof.Dr. Burcu Can Buğlalılar).

2) Duygu Gündoğmuş and Merver Nur Tiftik, "An Indoor Tracking System for Patients of Damentia", 2017 (Co-supervised with Assist.Prof.Dr. Mehmet Köseoğlu). - This study had the best poster award in Undergraduate Projects Exhibition of Computer Engineering Department of Hacettepe University.

1) Kübra Akeren and Burakcan Ekici, "Conformance Analysis of Disease Treatment Processes to Treatment Protocols: Process Mining Oriented Tool Development", 2016. - This study had the first place at the TÜBİTAK 2242 University Senior Pojects Competition in the category of Scientific Solutions.