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An Awning Warehouse Awning is designed to be stylish, robust and reliable. We only use the best quality materials in the manufacture of our awnings. All our installations are done by our own trained in-house teams that ensure maximum quality and security for our customers.


We are in the business of manufacturing and installing awnings and our goal is to make the highest quality product and solution for our customers. Awning Warehouse has an excellent reputation and we receive over 70% of our work through word of mouth recommendations.


We pride ourselves on being a responsive company. We listen to our customer queries and requests and we endeavour to come up with a workable solution. When our awnings require servicing and repairs we have our team of installers available to send out on short notice. As we are the designer, manufacturer and installer we have extensive knowledge of the product and its capabilities.


Retractable Pergola Roofs

Pergolas fitted with a retractable roof system are another way to create an entertainment area that maximises the use of outdoor spaces. Stylish and functional, their simple design is combined with top- class quality materials. Retractable pergola roofs are perfect when installed to protect deck areas, patios and porches from any weather condition. The addition of this roofing solution for morning, noon and night entertaining, will add substantially to the value of any property.

What are the benefits of insulated roof panels?

With the ever-increasing cost of electricity, creating an energy-efficient environment is the perfect solution to saving tons of hard-earned cash. The answer is insulated roof panels. These panels keep buildings cool throughout the hot summer months and provide a toasty cocoon to protect from the chill of winter.

Another huge bonus provided by insulated roof panels is that they create a healthy living environment, reducing damp and mould. This panel system also reduces condensation.

Lighter Cladding

Danpalon is up to three times lighter than traditional laminated cladding, and can be installed on all types of supports. Connections are made directly onto adjoining load bearing wall or structural supports, eliminating the need for additional supporting framed structures. When combined with other Danpal products in place such as frame work it makes for an elegant yet cost effective solution that will last years without any significant maintenance requirements

Innovative Cladding

With its innovative ventilation system that only requires 50mm between cladding panels and insulation or supporting walls, Danpal VRS will be able to keep up with any new developments in construction for years.