Welcome new members! 

1- Typically I have a weekly EVENT. Events consist of 2-4 TASKS. This could be Closest to the pin, Virtual Golf, Games, and sometimes tasks that are paired with Pro Events like PGA Majors.

2-  I will post EVENTS and let you know the due date to post your score. I try to give you at least a week to get them done. Life happens and sometimes you can't get them in. I try not to extend dates because it slows down the process. Right now due dates are Fridays @ 5pm EST

3- NO CHEATING! You can practice 1 time for a task, but the 2nd time is the score you post. Not the better of the 2. Also, don't change the elevation on your settings. 

4-  No mulligans! There will be events where mulligans are allowed. It is an honesty rule league. If you cheat... you are an a-hole and you can see yourself out. 

5- There is a 2-post rule. 

1) Take a screenshot/picture of your score for each TASK. Post that picture in the group message or email to 

2) Fill out the Google Form for each EVENT.  At the end of the week, I will update the leaderboard. 

6- If you don't post one week, you are out for the month. I will post you as a WD. It makes my life easier. Life happens, I have had multiple times I haven't been able to post and dropped out for the month and jumped back in the following month. 

7- Please keep the group message to league-related conversations. If you have questions about launch monitors, projectors, setup, etc. Post that in a Facebook group. 

8- Please don't post other challenges, events, or tasks in this group chat or in the Facebook group. If you want to get other challenges going, create your own league. It is confusing for other members when there are other challenges not related to our league.

9- Feel free to post screen recordings of incredible shots you have hit. I have a Hall of Fame on the website.