About Me

I was once described as a human Swiss army knife - I think that's perfect - I’m adept, nimble, and great to have around when you need something done. Plus, I'm a hoot.


I use my natural organizational, strategic and leadership skills as a project manager in FinTech. Previously, I managed operations and access for marketing localization efforts at Apple, and managed operations and events for the Youth & Family department at a local JCC. Learn more...


Currently, I’m also working through an MBA through Syracuse University. Adding this to a full-time job doesn’t leave much time for anything else, but I still find time for some of my favorite things: food, art, TV and sleep. I try to keep up a collection of door photos from SF and elsewhere.


I'm obsessive about dense itineraries and saved Google maps. Check out the maps I've made for places I've lived (Paris, London and San Francisco) and places I've visited (Dubai, Edinburgh and more).