Hey lovely, thank you for your interest in AVnails. As you go scroll down this website, you'll realize I have a variety of services that I offer as well as a few thingsĀ  for sale. I can't wait for you to check it out!! But first, let's get the policies out the way.

Client must come alone

In efforts to keep a safe and peaceful environment I strongly require only you, the client to come by yourself. That means, no kids*, no pets, no friends. I will let you know your guest must wait outside or they can come pick you up when your service is done.


Your appointment holds a 15-minute grace period, after this period I will have to cancel your appointment. A $10 rebooking fee will then be needed in order to reschedule**.

No call/no show

Any cancellation without notice will result in permanent ban.

By booking with AVnails , you agree to the terms and conditions of service.

*No kids policy is strictly based on the safety of the children; however, communication is key. We can work something out if there isn't any babysitter.

** I am very lenient with tardiness due to the fact that we do live in the city and traffic sure is a pain. If you find yourself being late for an appointment simply let me know ahead of time so we can figure something out.