Avirah is UMD's Israeli Dance Company!

We are a student group that performs and teaches on campus, in the Maryland area, and at Israeli Dance Festivals across the east coast. Avirah's repertoire includes traditional Israeli folkdance and original choreographies in a variety of styles. Our goal is to promote a positive environment where dancers strive for performance excellence. 

We're excited to perform on campus and across the East Coast this spring! Come see us perform at the Israeli Folkdance Festival of Boston, as well as the Israeli Dance Festival DC.

If you want to learn more, or have us perform or teach in your community, reach out to us at avirahumd@gmail.com. UMD students who are interested in joining or getting involved in Israeli dance: send us a message @avirahumd on Instagram, or join our Terplink page! 

Our performances at the Israeli Dance Festival DC! 

Wanna see more videos? Check out our Videos or Youtube channel!

Avirah 2023-2024

Lila Wohl, Naomi Seiler, Ari Mintz, Chana Bitman

Pearly Gal-Edd, Liora Petter-Lipstein, Eli Greene

Lanie Berger, Jess Daninhirsch

Photo by Avi Gold



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