Avinandan Das

Hi, I am Avinandan.  I am a PhD student in IRIF , Paris, since January 2021, under the supervision of Professor Adi Rosen and Professor Pierre Fraigniaud.  Until July 2020, I was a visiting student in The Institute of Mathematical Sciences, Chennai in the Parameterized Complexity group. I did my B.Tech in Computer Science and Engineering  from Tezpur University in 2016 and my Master's in Computer Science from Chennai Mathematical Institute in 2018. My current research is based on designing local algorithms on graph theoretic problems, in streaming and distributed settings. Previously, I also used to work on designing parameterized and exact algorithms on graph theorectic problems.

Here is a link to my CV and select project abstracts .

(Update) The journal version of our paper, On the Complexity of Singly Connected Vertex Deletion, has been published in TCS, and is available online (link )

(Update) Our paper, Odd Cycle Transversal in Mixed Graphs, has been accepted in WG!! (talk

My scribe for Primal Dual methods.

My notes on Back Propagation algorithm and it's from scratch implementation.



Computational Geometry

Parameterized Complexity

Distributed Algorithms