Business and Logistics Academy


Industry Sector: Business and Finance/Marketing, Sales and Service, Warehouse MNGT

The Business and Logistics Academy is committed to providing students with hands-on experience in the classroom. Students are provided with the skills to:

  • Build Your Own Virtual Business and Become Certified In Microsoft Office
  • Manage Your Own Money and Your Future
  • Work in Global Logistics (Amazon, Stater Bros, Pep Boys, BNSF, and Many More)

Digital Media Academy

Linked Learning Silver Certification

Industry Sector: Arts, Media, and Entertainment Design/Visual and Media Arts

The Digital Media Academy prepares students for careers in the Digital Arts and orivides hands-on experience with the latest:

  • Design Tools, Software and Techniques/Digital Photography Equipment and Software
  • Film and Broadcast Technology

It also gives the student first hand exposure to college majors:

  • Graphic Design and Digital Imaging, Film/Video Production, TV Production/Broadcasting, Photography/Photo Journalism and Illustration
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Core Academy

CPA Distinguished Academy

Linked Learning Gold Certification

Industry Section: Environment Energy and Utilities

A California Partnership Academy Core Academy Students are introduced to a variety of skills that the academy will give you include:

  • Green Technology Training, Urban Planning and GIS/GPS Mapping
  • LEED Building Retrofitting and Habitat Restoration
  • Pre-apprenticeship That Prepares Students For Careers In Renewable Energy, Construction, Architecture, and Engineering

Teaching Academy

CPA Distinguished Academy

Linked Learning Gold Certification

Industry Sector: Education, Child Development and Family Services Education

We are a California Partnership Academy with our focus on careers in education. The students will leave the program with many opportunities of hands-on classroom experiences, working with teachers and students at all grade levels. The students will receive training in:

  • Reading, Tutoring, Classroom Management and Lesson Planning
  • CPR Certification

Global Leadership Academy

AP and IB Program

Linked Learning Silver Certification

Industry Sector: Public Services/Legal Practices and Education/ Human Services

Global Leadership Academy is a 4-Year AP Program and IB Program gives students an opportunity to take college-level courses and exams in high school, Internships and Job shadowing with:

  • Local, State and Federal Government
  • All Medical Fields and Local Universities

Visual & Performing arts Academy

Industry Sector: Arts, Media, and Entertainment Design/Visual and Media Arts

AVHS VAPA Academy provides an opportunity for all students to excel in:

  • Two-Dimensional Visual Arts (Draw and Paint) and Three Dimension Visual Art (Sculpture/Ceramics)
  • Dance, Theatre, and Drama
  • Music (Orchestra, Guitar, Strings, Marching Band, and Choir)

Local and National Security Academy


Industry Sector: Public Services/Public Safety/Cyber Technology

The Local and National Security Academy will prepare students for rigorous training in professions that ensure the safety, security, and wellness of the community and nation. These courses offer students training opportunities in:

  • Law Enforcement, Judicial System, National Security, and Military

You'll study topics in:

  • Criminal Justice, Forensic Science, Crime Scene Investigation and Cyber Security