Seniors Captain's Day

Monday 8th August 2022

Now open for booking on HDID

Complimentary entry for all Members

Mixed & matched 4 balls/self selected teams

Guests with a recognised H/C welcome

Best Team, Best Senior, Best Lady, Best Man

Past Senior Captains Trophy

Bernie Gogan Trophy (over 75)

Sponsored Holes

Halfway House

Donations and funds raised on the day in aid of the Captains’ Charity “Hospice at Home”

Senior Club Championships

Saturday 23rd July 2022

Now open on HDiD for booking

Over 55 Gross and Nett Championships

Over 70 Veterans Cup


  • Played in 3 AVGC Qualifying Competitions in last 12 months

  • Have a minimum of 12 recorded scores with EG for handicap purposes.

Entry Fee

£5 pre-paid. No payment, no entry. Payment will not be accepted on the day.


Competition Secretary: adrian_king63@sky.com

Treasurer: mbodenavgc@gmail.com

Summer KO's Draw

Summer Singles 2022.pdf
Summer Pairs 2022.pdf

Seniors Section Committee 2022/23

Following the AGM the new Seniors Section Committee for 2022/23 consists of:-

Keith Loxton Seniors Captain

Adrian Redford Seniors Vice Captain

Mike Pelizzoni Seniors Administration Secretary

Mike Boden Seniors Treasurer

Adrian King Competition Secretary

Peter Codrai Seniors Social Secretary

Jim Gales Seniors Member

Steve Waters Seniors Member

Larry Goddard Seniors Immediate Past Captain

Neil Meldrum Men's Captain

Starters Rota - Summer 2022 - amended 3 May

Starters Rota Feb - Sept 2022 KL Amended_3May22.pdf

Senior Captain's League


The “Seniors Captain's League”

This is based on the format of the "Casual League" run over the Winter.

It will be 3 series of 5 Stablefords. They will usually play on Wednesdays.

There will be a winner for the day and the top three for the series of 5 rounds. Points on each round will be allocated 10 for 1st place down to 1 for 10th.

Prizes are £10 for the individual round winner and for the overall series 1st £25, 2nd £20, 3rd £15. All prizes will be credited to your White Card.

There is no entry fee, please follow the usual Seniors requirements for recording a score.

It will be a conforming round. All local rules and conditions must be adhered to (some of which could render a playing round non conforming).

If the course is open the round will be played. Only if less than 10 players make it out in the allocated tee times will a round be abandoned. It will not be rescheduled and the series will comprise the smaller number.

Series ties will be resolved on the best round submitted, then usual c/b on those respective scores, then drawing of lots. Individual rounds on our usual c/b, then drawn lots.

The first round is 27 April and is open for booking.

Series 1

April 27 / May 4 / May 11 / June 1 / June 8

Series 2

June 15 / June 27 / July 6 / July 13 / Aug 3

Series 3

Aug 10 / Aug 17 / Aug 24 / Sept 14 / Sept 28

Non Return of Scores

All players MUST return their scores on HDiD, even if they had not completed the round. This applies to all qualifying singles competitions and General Play rounds. Failure to do so will incur a penalty score being applied to your handicap record. This is not a change in the rules, merely the application of them. If you do not know what to do, ask.

Up to now AVGC has been lenient in enforcement as players were getting used to WHS. However, all incomplete scores are monitored by England Golf and reported to AVGC via Bedford County Union. The club is expected to monitor and manage this, as failure to return a score is deemed as manipulation of a valid handicap. The situation is deteriorating in terms of the number of scorecards not being completed. Should AVGC fail to run this properly the Club will ultimately be sanctioned and could go as far as not being permitted to assign handicaps. Thus, it is in everyone's interests to comply with what is a simple rule.

Pace of Play

Please ensure you maintain the pace of play. The Seniors Competitions determine the pace of the day's play when its busy. Thus we have a responsibility to complete our round in an acceptable time. Be aware of your position on the golf course regarding the groups in front and behind you. If you start to lose touch with the group in front, promptly invite the group behind to fill the gap.


SENIORS July Medal (4) 4th July 2022.

We had 44 players lined up and the results were:

1st Hugh Frood - 64 (23 h/c)

2nd Adrian Redford - 68 (16 h/c) (c/b)

3rd Walter Huda - 68 (10 h/c) (c/b)

Congratulations and well done in your achievements

In the minor spots were 4th Keith Wallace 69 (22 h/c) and 5th Eddie Jordan 70 (10 h/c).

Hugh Frood got the back 9 on 31 nett and Keith Wallace the front 9 with a nett 32.

There was one 2, on the 15th and 8 other birdies.

Well done also to Eddie Jordan who shot the best gross of the day of 80.

Seniors Pairs Club Championships 2022

Monday 20th June 2022

We had 24 pairs competing for this somewhat challenging combo format of golf.


1st Team Chandler/Bond 57 points (16/13/28)

2nd Team Crowson/Harris 52 points (17/12/23)

3rd Team Matthews/Matthews 52 points (16/14/21)

Many congratulations on your scores. Alas only 1st and 2nd attracts a prize.

Minor places

4th Team Pullin/Hollands 51 points (14/14/23)

5th four other teams 50 points

The lowest score recorded was 41 points, an honour shared by 3 teams.

The segment points are shown in brackets, and the scorecard c/b based on the back 9 holes, as is customary.

The winning team did exceptionally well in holding their aggregate segment together to amass 28 points, 4 better than par for the segment and overall 9 better than par.

There were 4 2’s

Team Crowson/Harris #2

Team Parish/Unsing #11 (eagle!)

Team Jordon/Wallace #15

Team Carmody/Foster #17

Well done everyone and many thanks for your support.

SENIORS Summer Six(3)

Monday 13th June 2022

The results for the day:-

We had 46 players competing:

1st Dave Dean - 44pts (15h/c)

2nd Richard Braithwaite - 39pts (8h/c) (on c/b)

3rd Ian Hawley - 39pts (26h/c) (on c/b)

Congratulations and well done in your well done in your achievements.

Senior Captain's League 1(5)

Wednesday 8th June 2022

Congratulations to John Crawson with 32 points on winning the 1st series of the Seniors Captain's League 2022.

In second place was Paul Collins (27 points) and third place Tony Phillips (19 points)

Well done.

The second series has already commenced.

SENIORS June Medal (3)

Monday 6th June 2022

We had 40players lined up and the results were:

1st Kevin Dodds - 68 (14 h/c)(c/b)

2nd Dave Needs - 68 (10 h/c)(c/b)

3rd Adrian King - 69 (10 h/c)

Congratulations and well done in your achievements.

In the minor spots were 4th Mike Boden 71 (21 h/c) (c/b) and 5th Jim Gales 71 (16 h/c) (c/b).

Adrian King got the back 9 on 32 nett and Dave Needs the front 9 also with a nett 32.

There was no 2’s but 8 birdies.

Well done also to Dave Needs and Adrian King who both shot under 80 gross.

Senior Captain vs Senior VC vs IP Senior Captain

Wednesday 1st June 2022

Thank you all for participating in this fun event. We had 41 players competing across the 3 teams.

It seems to be the custom that the Past Captains team wins, and this year was no exception.

Well done Larry’s Team who secured the highest score of 51 points.

In a creditable 2nd spot, the Vice Captain’s Team came in with 47 points, just 4 points off.

Alas, in last spot was the Captain’s Team and, at 37 points, well out of touch.

The highest individual score on the day was achieved by Paul Collins, with a mega 45 points. Well done.

Seniors Drawn Foursomes

Monday 30th May 2022

18 teams participated in this shared ball competition. The last to run before the Seniors Pairs Club Champs.

Many congratulations to Team Pullin/Keeper. Declared this year’s Drawn Foursomes Winners. They scored an excellent 42 points between them.

The top 5 places:

1st Ian Pullin/ Steve Keeper 42 points

2nd Mike Bishop / Terry Neve 38 points

3rd Mike Bender / Larry Goddard 37 points

4th Dave Needs/ Bob Brereton 36 points

5th Andy Bond/ Keith Loxton 35 points (on c/b)

Well done to you all.

There were two 2’s.

SENIORS Summer Six(2)

Monday 23rd May 2022

Competitions are coming up regularly now. It was time for the Summer Six to make a return.

We had 47 players in the field. All managed to return cards with only 3 groups electing to submit all scores on the one score card (as permitted). Everyone else went the traditional way. Anyway, all correctly returned, thank you.

We had some good scores recorded and it was tight at the top.

So the results for the day:-

1st Brian Hogarth - 41pts (23h/c) (on c/b)

2nd Steve Malone - 41pts (18h/c) (on c/b)

3rd Graham Hale - 40 (14h/c) (on c/b)

Congratulations and well done in your achievements.

In the minor spots were 4th Larry Goddard 40pts (18h/c)(on c/b) and 5th Mike Standy 39pts (23h/c).

Graham Hale got the back 9 on 21pts and Graham Tallyn the front 9 with 23pts.

There were three 2’s and 9 other birdies.

Seniors Drawn Greensomes

Monday 16th May 2022

We actually got this team game played, the last time was in 2019. Needless to say we were a little rusty on getting the combined handicaps sorted but we got there when it mattered.

We had some fair, dry weather and 40 of you got out to play in 20 pairs.

So to the results.

Many congratulations to Team Fallon/Hogarth. Declared this year’s Drawn Greensomes Winners, they scored an excellent 43 points between them.

The top 5 places:

1st Adrian Fallon / Brian Hogarth 43 points

2nd Peter Codrai / Gary Chambers 41 points (on c/b)

3rd Don Huggett / Roy Platten 41 points (on c/b)

4th Adrian King / Mike Standy 39 points

5th Neill Brinklow / Julian Bamford 38 points (on c/b)

Well done to you all.

There were no 2’s.

SENIORS May Medal (2)

9th May 2022

Another fine day for golf. We had 41 players lined up and the results were:

1st Martin Hollands - 68 (23 h/c)

2nd Ian Pullin - 70 (21 h/c)

3rd Steve Chandler - 71 (10 h/c)

Congratulations and well done in your achievements.

In the minor spots were 4th Keith Loxton 72 (14 h/c) and 5th Keith Wallace 73 (22h/c) (on c/b).

Martin Hollands got the back 9 on 34 nett and Bob Brereton the front 9 with a nett 33.

There was one 2’s and 11 other birdies.

SENIORS Summer Six(1) 20th April 2022

Our second primary competition of the summer and a very good turn out for this Stableford. It’s still a shock to some that we are playing off the white tees. However, the drier fairways and the warmer air gives a bit more run on the ball so it’s not too bad. The scores were nice and tight at the top, with no runaway leader.

So the results for the day:-

We had 50 players competing:

1st Terry Neve - 38pts (22h/c) (on c/b)

2nd Don Huggett - 38pts (20h/c) (on c/b)

3rd Steve Foster - 37 (20h/c) (on c/b)


and well done in your achievements.

In the minor spots were 4th Nigel Handyside 37pts (13h/c)(on c/b) and 5th Paul Collins 36pts (16h/c) (on c/b).

John Crowson got the back 9 on 20pts (on c/b) and Don Huggett the front 9 with 20pts.

There were no 2’s but 13 birdies.

SENIORS April Medal (1) 11th April 2022

Nothing like getting straight into the Summer Season with a medal. The weather was kind, it was dry, not bitingly cold but there was a little breeze. The scores were creditable but clearly all those playing on Monday (not just the competition) had a little difficulty, as the sharp eyed will have noticed a PCC adjustment to the returned scores on England Golf.

So the results for the day

We had 46 players competing:

1st Micky Parslow - 71 (10 h/c)

2nd Martin Shefferd - 72 (18 h/c)

3rd Steve Chandler - 73 (10 h/c) (on c/b)

Congratulations and well done in your achievements.

In the minor spots were 4th Bob Parish 73 (19 h/c)(on c/b) and 5th Paul Evans 74 (14 h/c) (on c/b).

Steve Chandler got the back 9 on 34 nett and Bob Parish the front 9 also with a nett 34.

There were three 2’s and 2 other birdies.

All results on HDiD and Facebook page

Winter Eclectic 2021/2022

those that were in form and got off to an early start probably saw the best of the weather in getting their cards in. In the O18 table, Hugh was unrelenting in his pursuit of the leader and it was a battle of birdies to end in an honourable tie.

Congratulations to the winners

U 19 Winner - Adrian Wood (net 57)

U 19 Runner up - Keith Minor (net 58)

O18 Winners - Larry Goddard / Hugh Frood - tie (net 53)

O18 Runner up - Ken Slatter (net 58.5)

Winter 8 2021/2022

After a wet winter and cancellation of 3 rounds, we ended up with best 3 of 5.

Many Congratulations to the winner and runner up

Series Winner - Adrian Wood 117 points

Runner up - Larry Goddard 113 points

AGM Cup Monday 21st March 2022

Welcome back, Sunshine. For the first time in ages we actually got a competition away that had trollies on and a conforming round.

The purpose of the Comp was as a leader to the AGM and so thanks to those who either stayed after their round, returned for the AGM or just turned up for the AGM and Presentation. Thanks for your support.

So the results for the day

We had 40 players competing:

1st Clive Gear - 36pts

2nd Graham Tallyn - 36pts (on c/b)

3rd Nigel Handyside - 35pts

Well done in your achievements.

In the minor spots were 4th Micky Parslow 35pts ( on c/b) and 5th Ian Pullin 34pts.

Ian Pullin got the back 9 on 19pts and Dave Simons the front 9 on 20pts

There were three 2’s and 5 other birdies.

Winter 8 (8) Monday 7th March 2022

Next and final round

Winter 8 (7) Monday 14th February 2022

Winter 8(7) Cancelled. Course closed. Heavy rainfall.

Winter 8 (6) Monday 17th January 2022

Welcome back, our first competition in 2022 and the first Seniors golf for 2022. The weather has been varied and when we weren’t rained out we have been threatened by fog. Not that was our concern today. Apart from the expected frost it was a glorious day today and the course showing signs of draining.

So the results for the day

We had 34 players start.

1st Steve Malone - 36pts

2nd Nigel Welling - 35pts

3rd Adrian King - 34 pts

Well done in your achievements.

In the minor spots were 4th Dave Simons 32pts and 5th Andrew Bond 32pts (on c/b).

Steve Malone got the back 9 on 20pts and Nigel Welling the front 9 on 19pts

There were two 2’s and 5 other birdies.

Winter 8 (5) Monday 13th December 2021

We had a field of 29 players today, clearly impacted by the cooler, wetter weather and carry only on the course. The results definitely belonged to the “Adrian’s”

The top three for the day:

1st Adrian Wood 41 points

2nd Adrian King 35 points

3rd Adrian Redford 34 points

Congratulations on your day’s play.

In the minor places, were Bob Phillips 33 points (4th) and Steve Chandler 32 points (5th on c/b) Full results on HDiD and attached.

There were three “2’s”, and 2 other birdies.

The front 9 went to Adrian Wood on 21 points and also the back 9 to Adrian Wood on 20 points.

Well done all.

Winter 8 (4) Monday 29th November 2021

Yes the course was closed this morning. Needless to say we have lost Winter 8(4). The next round will be Winter 8(5) and that plays on Monday 13th.

Winter 8 (3) Monday 8th November 2021

Another good golf day today. No runaway scores but a good showing.

Now here’s a thing. Have you noticed the patternation on the fairways? I spoke with Luke this morning. Apparently over winter they are only cutting in two directions, one side up, the other down. That’s to reduce the turning needed by the cutters. With the brushes now used, that gives the light and dark shading on the left and right hand sides. That’s the fairway. You will also note that the cut on the edge of the fairway is brushed in the opposite direction. That’s not by accident. It denotes the border of the fairway/rough and if your ball lies on that it’s in the rough, not on the fairway. So you cannot pick, clean and place your ball.

With a field of 45 we only had two NRs and it would seem all scores entered went onto the correct event.

The top three for the day:

1st Graham Hale 38 points

2nd John Draper 37 points (on c/b)

3rd Larry Goddard 37 points (on c/b)

Congratulations on your day’s play.

In the minor places, were Keith Minor 36 points (4th on c/b) and Adrian King 36 points (5th on c/b) Full results on HDiD.

There was one “2”, and 10 other birdies.

The front 9 went to Larry Goddard on 21 points and the back 9 to Graham Hale on 19 points.

Well done all.

Winter Eight (2) 25th October 2021

Its a bit like the see-saw of Summer. Another excellent Winter (well Autumn) day for golf. Can this run for the whole of the Winter 8 Series? We had a field today of 37 players due to return their scores.

The top three for the day:

1st Graham Hale 40pts

2nd Larry Goddard 36pts (on c/b)

3rd Hugh Frood 36pts (on c/b)

Congratulations on your day’s play.

In the minor places, were Mike Bishop 36pts (4th on c/b), Mark Leech 35pts (5th on c/b) Full results on HDiD.

There were 5 “2s” ,and 10 other birdies.

The front 9 went to Graham Hale on 23pts and the back 9 to Larry Goddard on 19pts.

Trafalgar Salver 20th October 2021


Winter Eight (1) 11th October 2021

Welcome to winter. Yes, today marked the first of our winter comps. You wouldn’t have known it. It was a glorious day with only a little breeze. The scores reacted to it. We had a field today of 51 players returning their scores.

The top three for the day:

1st Allan Rushton 42pts

2nd Nigel Welling 41pts (on c/b)

3rd Adrian Wood 41pts (on c/b)

Congratulations on your day’s play.

In the minor places, were Larry Goddard 40pts (4th on c/b), Simon Merritt 40pts (5th on c/b). Full results on HDiD.

There was only one “2” , Allan Rushton on 15th and 16 other birdies.

The front 9 went to Allan Rushton on 22pts and the back 9 to Nigel Welling also on 22pts.

A special mention for Adrian Wood who shot an excellent gross 73 on his way to his 3rd spot.

Lawson Shield 6th October 2021

We had a field today of 26 pairs returning their scores.

The top three for the day:

1st Clive Gear / Larry Goddard 44pts

2nd Neill Brinklow / Keith Wallace 40pts (on c/b)

3rd Simon Merritt / John Draper 40pts (on c/b)

Congratulations on your day’s play.

In the minor places, were Bob Doherty / John Crowson 39pts (4th on c/b), Eddie Jordan / Peter Nightingale 39pts (5th on c/b) Full results on HDiD.

There were five “2’s” and only one other birdie.

Summer Six (6) Monday 27th September 2021

This really marks the end of the Summer Season. We have the Lawson Shield and the Trafalgar Salver to look forward to but then on its down to the Winter Eight, the Winter Eclectic and the Winter League matches (which have already started).

Today Autumn proved it was here with a drop in temperature and a wet start. Well done to the 34 not put off by the wet stuff and persevered the rain to be able to dry out on the back half of the course.

It was also great to see Dave back, keeping everything in check.

There were two clear winners today. First, the results.


1) - Richard Braithwaite 39 pts

2) - Martin Shefferd 35pts

3) - Dave Friend 34pts (on c/b)

Congratulations on your excellent scoring. The minor places were 4th Bob Phillips (34pts) and 5th Keith Loxton (32pts, on c/b).

So with Richard taking the the top spot, the other winner was Nigel Welling, who cleaned up with the only “2” of the day and benefitted from it being a rollover 2’s pot. Well done. There were, incidentally, 4 other birdies on the day.

September Medal 20th September


1) Bob Phillips - 68

2) Mike Lee - 69

3) Simon Merritt - 70(on c/b)

Congratulationson your scores.

Minor places went to 4th Steve Malone 70 (on c/b) and 5th Adrian King 70 (on c/b).

There were two 2’s John Draper and Adrian Redford.

Seniors Memorial Day 13th September 2021

Something of a different, but important, day today as we remembered those Seniors who are no longer with us. Fortunately, notwithstanding Covid, we have not lost any Seniors in the last year but there were three who departed in late 2019/ 2020, namely Bernie Gogan, David Jones and Brian Scott.

To mark the day we played out the customary Seniors Memorial Trophy. It’s free to enter with a trophy for the winner but no cash prizes.

We had a strong field of 50+ entrants backed up with some excellent scores.

The top three for the day:

1st David Friend 45pts

2nd Nigel Handyside 44pts

3rd John Crowson 42pts (on c/b)

Congratulations on your day’s play.

In the minor places, were Steve Foster 42pts (4th, on c/b) Adrian King 40pts (5th, on c/b). Dave Dean, Adrian Wood and Mike Bishop were also on 40pts but not strong enough coming home.

Dave Friend got the front 9 with a modest 27pts and Adrian King the back 9, with 23pts. There were 5 “2’s” and there were 20 further birdies, with Adrian King, Nigel Handyside and John Crowson all getting three birdies each.

Well played one and all.

Seniors Medal (5) & Ed Burns Putter 2 August 2021

Another good turnout for the Medal today. We had the added interest of playing for the Ed Burns Putter, too. It’s not as if the Medal doesn’t take enough concentration. There were 53 returned scores, and we had some very pleasant weather in which to play our golf, certainly an improvement over the last few days.

Taking the results of the Ed Burns Putter first, this requires recording the total of on green shots taken, the winner being the player with the lowest number. The canny player will leave their approach shot on the fringe nearest the pin and either chip or chip and putt in. I could achieve the first part of the process but could easily manage a 3 putt too.

We had a range of scores, the highest being 38. Alas, anyone not in the 20’s would have no hope. As it happened, we had 6 scores under 30. These were:

Dave Dean, Dave Hill, Dave Simons and Bob Phillips all recording 29 shots.

The best scores though were from Nigel Welling and Adrian Wood who both recorded 26 shots. Alas, we must have a winner and the tie would be resolved by count back (B9/6/3; F9/6/3 and ultimately gross medal score). This was confirmed by the Competition Secretary.

I am therefore delighted to be able to confirm Nigel Welling as the 2021 Ed Burns Putter winner, having a better back 9 by 1 shot. Commiserations to Adrian who came so very close.

The Medal was a bit of an anti-climax after all of that. What you might be interested to know is that there were no 2’s returned. That should make for an interesting September Medal, being a double rollover.

The results were:

1st Adrian Wood - 70

2nd Nigel Welling - 71

3rd Adrian King - 72

4th Keith Loxton - 72

5th Adrian Redford -72

Congratulations to Adrian Wood on winning this month’s Medal and well done to the other place holders.



Ladies vs Seniors 28th July 2021

What a great day. Thank you all for your interest and participation. Everyone expected turned up, on time and got themselves out on the course and back again. We had a fantastic field of 66, 30 lovely Ladies and 36 grizzly Seniors.

We had one reluctant withdrawal with a late and unavoidable case Covid Pingitus. We wish you well and hope that the tests are, and continue to remain, negative (a phrase that reminds me of my teens!).

Most of us managed to dodge a bullet with the weather. Whilst there were rumbles of thunder and a near tropical squall at the latter stages, those on the course managed to find shelter under a tree or umbrella! The dampest were those caught in the car park. No trees there and it’s a long walk, or trot, one end to the other.

The Ladies vs Seniors Trophy has always been a difficult encounter, well for the Seniors. Our last success was in 2016. So, there is always hope that the tide will turn.

The Seniors are always courteous, we play off the white tees, we play off 100% course handicap and there is the additional shot because of the par differential. What more could one want, or could be offered? Except one delightful Lady suggested that the additional shot be given on a hole of their choosing! To my regret, I politely declined the suggestion.

As it turned out, all of this was unnecessary. In the end the Ladies won.

It was an emphatic win 6 ⅟2 vs 9 ⅟2 to the Ladies. Many Congratulations and won in delightful spirit.

To be fair, it was close most of the way through and most of the games were tightly fought. I don’t think the three Seniors assigned to the Ladies (or rather picked by them) fully appreciated their role as they won their point in their 2 from 3 game. And there were a few Ladies who enjoyed their extra shots and, sort of, dominated their games. Not that I am complaining, or sour grapes etc! But, more importantly, everyone I managed to speak to enjoyed the encounter, irrespective of result and a great reminder of the type of golf we have missed.

Many thanks to those who stayed to the end to witness the presentation of the Trophy to the worthy winners.

We (Kath and I) hope you enjoyed your day and I, as I am sure you all do too, wish Kath all the best on her move to Zambia and that it brings her everything she is looking for.

26th July 2021 Seniors 3 Man Texas Scramble

There were 16 teams comprising 47 players (one enforced team of 2). As the competition wasn’t on HDiD a little more detail on the results is provided. No count-backs or play offs needed though.

The results:

1st Place

Larry Goddard/Clive Gear/Keith Loxton (68/58.4)

2nd Place

Adrian King/Alan Mungovan/Tony Phillips (72/59.4)

3rd Place

Bob Doherty/Adrian Redford/Nigel Handyside (67/60.7)

4th Place

Lance Redler/Mike Boden/Dave Dean (71/61.7)

5th Place

Hugh Frood/Ron Veall/Steve Malone (72/62.1)

Congratulations to the winners (£60 per team) and the runners up (£45 per team), just missing out by the one shot, and well done to those in the minor places.

The range of scores attained were gross 67 to 85 and nett 58.4 to 73.3.

There were 12 2's, and thus 36 winners. At £1.30 per "2", those with a "2" are invited to waive their winnings in favour of a donation to the Joint Captains Charity.

24th July 2021 Seniors Club Championships

Many thanks to the 62 of you who took part in our long overdue Seniors Championships. Last year’s was cancelled due to bad weather and, if you believed the weather forecasters predictions from the beginning of the week, we could have had more of the same. As it turned out we only had a couple of drops and conditions were great for golf.

The course was in great shape and made the ideal setting for what is the main event of the Seniors season.

I would like to thank those, other than the winners, who stayed on after their round to celebrate the success of their fellow golfers. It’s a tradition that has been denied us since 2019 and hopefully will, again, be a custom returned.

The scores were tight, with ties and count backs. Thankfully, on the Gross, there was a clear winner and so a playoff avoided. The leader board had a smattering of familiar names but also new ones, enjoying a run of form.

The results were:

Gross Competition

1st Tony Messenger - 77

2nd John Barker - 78

3rd equal & tied - 80

Martin Higgins/Shane Lea/Micky Pearce

Nett Competition

1st Dave Friend - 66

2nd Steve Trace - 66

3rd Micky Pearce - 70

4th Walter Huda - 70

5th Peter Nightingale - 70

1st/2nd and 3rd/4th/5th all determined on c/b.

Many Congratulations to this year’s Gross and Nett Champions and well done to those so close as runners up and in the places.

We also had the Veterans Trophy being played for. This challenge is for all those over 70. Dave Friend, with his net 66, saw off all contenders. So, again congratulations

to Dave.

Many thanks to Dave Lea in his organisation of the day and maintaining the running Leader Board as the Competition played out.

19 July 2021 Seniors Summer Six (4) Stableford

There were 49 scores returned and only 5 beat nett par. 2nd/3rd required countback to determine the placing order.

The results were:

1st Terry Curtis - 41 points

2nd Mike Boden - 38 points

3rd Brian Hogarth - 38 points

4th David Simons - 37 points

5th Hugh Frood - 36 points

Congratulationsto the 5 of you.

Dave Simons had the had the best front 9 with 21 points and Mike Boden the back 9 with 22 points. There was just the one "2's" and 11 other birdies.

5 July 2021 Seniors Medal (4)

In the end there were 47 scores returned, none under net par and no 2’s. The top spot though had to be determined on countback.

The results were:

1st Ian Pullin - 73

2nd Mark Newberry - 73

3rd Keith Loxton - 74

Minor places

4th Mike Bishop - 75

5th Richard Braithwaite 75

Congratulations to the 5 of you

28 June 2021Seniors Summer Six (3) Stableford

There were 50 players in the field which, given the conditions early on, and the ensuing withdrawals was very good. We had 7 players with 36 or more points and needed a count back to split the top two and 4th/5th.

The results were:

1st Martin Shefferd - 39 points

2nd Steve Waters - 39 points

3rd Peter Carmody - 38 points

4th Julian Bamford - 36 points

5th Steve Trace - 36 points

Congratulations to the 5 of you.

Steve Waters had the best front 9 with 21 points and Julian Bamford the back 9 with 20 points. There were 4 "2's" and 4 other birdies.

21st June 2021 Seniors 4BBB Monday

We have had some good cards returned. There was an outright winner but 3rd/ 4th and 5th/6th had to be split by count back.

Unfortunately, the Comp could not be set up on HDiD so we have only recorded the top 5 scores here.

1st Terry Neve/Mark Leech 48pts (£60; £30 each player)

2nd Nigel Welling/David Stonhill 46pts (£40; £20 each player)

3rd Adrian King/Phil Salt 45pts (£30; £15 each player)

4th John Draper/Simon Merritt 45pts (£20; £10 each player)

5th Larry Goddard/ Keith Loxton 44pts (£Nil; £Nil each player)

Many congratulations to the winning pair. Tough on the 5th placed team who were out of the money!

There were no 2’s today.

14th June 2021 Seniors Pairs Championship

A great turn out for our Pairs Club Championship today, 36 pairs. The three format competition (Better Ball, Greensomes, Aggregate of individual, all strokeplay) is a great test of golfing capability in one 18 hole round. For many, holding it together for the front 12 holes was possible but the last 6 holes proved the undoing of a score that had promise.

Many thanks to Garry Huchinson who again produced all the score sheets to keep it as simple as possible for us and of course Dave Lea who kept track of things on the score board.

So to the scores.

This year’s worthy winners and runners up were:

1st Bob Phillips / Martin Shefferd - Nett 87

2nd Shane Lea / Steve Chandler - Nett 88

and the minor places were taken by:

3rd Steve Waters / Steve Foster - Nett 90

4th David Hill / Mike Bishop - Nett 90

5th Brian Hogarth / Graham Tallyn - Nett 92

Not all these places attract prizes, but absent having the scores available on HDiD I thought you would be interested in the top scores.

7th June 2021 Seniors June Medal (3)

It’s hard to believe that today we completed our third Medal and that we are half way through our Summer series.

The course was in great condition, having been set up for the County Championships, which AVGC hosted over the weekend. The weather was very pleasant too. What a lovely day to play golf, enjoyed by 55 of us who took part.

Many congratulations to the three scoring a net 69 and had to be split on countback

1st Simon Merritt

2nd Mike Bowden

3rd Keith Wallace

The minor places, scoring net 70, also had to be split on countback

4th Peter Lawson

5th Steve Foster

There were 4 2’s. Simon Merritt, Adrian King and Bob Doherty on the 2nd and Mike Boden the 15th

Wednesday 2 June 2021 Jones Drawn Foursomes

I am sure many of you had the opportunity to show your partner interesting parts of the course and provided the opportunity for your playing partner to demonstrate golf shots even they didn’t know they possessed. For my part I managed to put my playing partner, Brendan, behind a variety of different trees. It was a point not lost on him, as he frequently reminded me!

No run away scores today, with the win taken by 1 point. It is also our first paid for competition of the year. The prize distribution is per the published competition schedule.

1st Martin Higgins/Steve Waters 38pts (£60; £30 each player)

2nd Dave Needs/Clive Gear 37pts (£40; £20 each player)

Many congratulations to the winning pair.

The other minor places, settled on countback, with no prize:

3rd Steve Malone/Mike Standy 36pts

4th Simon Merritt/Ken Slatter 36 pts

5th Bob Doherty/Bob Brereton 36 pts

There were no 2’s today.

24th May 2021 Seniors Summer Six (2)

There were 54 players in the field but only the top three got to 36 or more points. There were 5 birdies, including 1 “2”.

The results were:

Steve Waters - 39 points

Adrian King - 37 points

Mike Boden - 36 points

The “2” was gained by Steve, on the 2nd.

Congratulations to the 3 of you.

Monday 10th May 2021 May Medal

Many congratulations to Adrian Redford scoring a net 69. In 2nd place was Steve Chandler, with a very creditable net 70, beating on card countback Graham Tallyn, also on 70. Peter Smees was on 71 and Steve Malone and Richard Braithwaite both on 72. These six were the only ones to mark net par or better. Good scoring

There was only 1 two on the day, Adrian King on the 17th. Well done.

Monday 26th April 2021 Summer Six (1) ,,

Many congratulations to the outright winner, Bob Doherty, on a decisive 38 points. In 2nd place was Dave Simons, on 37 points. 3rd place was contested by 4 players on 36 points, but the place secured on c/b by Neil Brinklow. The others on 36 were Larry Goddard, Lance Redler and Don Hugget.

There were 6 2’s on the day, Don Huggett, Peter Codrai and Richard Braithwaite on the 8th, Jim Gales, Dave Dean and, again, Richard Braithwaite on the 17th. Well done, good shooting.

Monday 19th April 2021 April Medal

Many congratulations to the outright winner, Martyn Gates, clocking up a very tidy nett 69. This was followed up by both Peter Codrai and Bob Phillips on nett 73, Peter edging 2nd spot on countback. Well done to the three of you.

Monday 12th April 2021 Opening Stableford

Many congratulations to winner, Simon Merritt, scoring a very tidy 38 points, ahead of 2nd place Mike Samuel 37 points. Brendan Doherty takes 3rd spot with 36 points easing ahead of Bob Phillips and David Hill, each also on 36 points.

Upcoming Competitions

  • Saturday 16th July - President's Day (All Members welcome)

  • Monday 18th July - Summer 6 (4) (Q)

  • Wednesday 20th July - S'ford (Q)

  • Wednesday 20th July - Match SF vs Whipsnade Park (Home)

  • Monday 25th July - Texas Scramble (3 man drawn) (NQ)

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  • Sunday 27th Aug- Club Championship (R2) (Q)

  • Monday 30th Aug - Public Holiday

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Summer Matches

Wednesday 20th July - Whipsnade (Home)

Friday 14th October - Silverstone (Away)

Dates for your diary

Summer Away Day - 21st July (Thursday, Badgemoor Park

Seniors Club Championships - 23rd July (Saturday)

Seniors Captain's Day - 8th August (Monday)

Club Championships - 27th & 28th August (Saturday, Sunday)

Autumn Away Day - 8th Sept (Thursday), Beds & County


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