Working papers

Deforestation, Malaria and Infant Mortality in Indonesia (Under review).

Coverage: World Bank Development Impact blog.

More Evidence on the Relationship Between Cash Transfers and Child Height. With Sudhanshu Handa, Luisa Natali, David Seidenfeld and Gelson Tembo (Revisions requested).

Working paper: UNICEF Office of Research - Innocenti Working Paper WP 2019-01.

The Effect of Cash and Complementary Services on Youth Exposure to Violence in Zimbabwe. With Sudhanshu Handa, Gustavo Angeles and David Seidenfeld (Under review).

The Impact of Cash Transfer Programs on Fuel Use. With Sudhanshu Handa.

Work in progress

Female Schooling and Menarche: Evidence from the Cape Town Area. With Adria Molotsky.


The Impact of Supplementary Immunization Activities on Routine Vaccination Coverage: An Instrumental Variable Analysis in Five Low-Income Countries. PLoS ONE (Forthcoming). With Karen Grépin and Stéphane Helleringer.

Government Policy Experiments and Informed Consent. Public Health Ethics (Forthcoming). With Douglas Mackay.

Female Land Ownership and Fertility in Nepal. Journal of Development Studies (2018); 54(9): 1698-1715.

Accountability for the Human Right to Health through Treaty Monitoring: Human Rights Treaty Bodies & the Influence of Concluding Observations. Global Public Health (2018); 13(11): 1558-1576. With Benjamin Meier, Marlous De Milliano and Yuna Kim.

The Paradox of Happiness: Health and Human Rights in the Kingdom of Bhutan. Health and Human Rights (2016); 18(1): 193-207. With Benjamin Meier.