An Insight into My Favorite Stories


This is my portfolio project for MILL 3043-995 at the University of Oklahoma. It contains my retellings of my favorite stories. Hope you enjoy it! Here is a brief description about each of them.

Beauty and the Dragon:

Similar to the story of the Beauty and the Beast, the Beauty and the Dragon retelling explores the relationship between a young girl and a dragon. However, the characters do not find love easily. Their love was simply a result of picking roses from a garden, and they will face several beheadings together. It makes you wonder how they found each other in the first place.

The Fate of Dhyan:

This story explores the relationship between parents and their children. A message from the Aesop fables was used and turned into a real life drama of its own. Even though the main character, Dhyan, wants to be free of his parents, should he? Are his parents' responsibilities Dhyan responsibilities? This family story will allow readers to connect with the characters no matter which type of student you are!

Man and His Rice

The title itself may spark curiosity. How are rice and man connected? Well, this story showcases how easy it is to take advantage of your future and fortune. Vittap dreams many dreams, but can it be achieved without diligence and dedication? This story teaches everyone a lesson; it can be applied to everyone. All types of readers will be able to connect with the character and experience what he was feeling. In order to become something, you must keep track of what it takes.

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Banner Image: Mountain Scenery by Marlon Martinez