The best custom motorized bike builder in the Antelope Valley!!!

Welcome to AV Motorized Bikes, where passion for custom gas motorized bikes thrives. As the owner, my greatest joy comes from witnessing the smiles on my customers' faces and the sheer pleasure they experience as they embark on their thrilling rides with their brand-new bikes.

At the shop, a shared love for bicycles, speed, power, and the vibrant culture surrounding gas powered bicycles unites both my customers and me. It's this common bond that drives me to create exceptional custom builds that embody a collective enthusiasm.

One of the most rewarding aspects of my work is introducing newcomers and seasoned riders alike to the world of combustion engines. Through engaging workshops and personalized one-on-one interactions during service and sales, I have the privilege of sharing my knowledge and passion, helping others explore this captivating realm.

With affordability as a key advantage over electric bikes, my custom gas powered bicycles attract a diverse range of individuals, whether out of sheer necessity or as a fulfilling hobby. Many find that my builds offer a compelling alternative that perfectly suits their needs and desires.

Since my early days of tinkering with a Honda 50cc Elsinore two-stroke dirt bike at the age of 12, my journey with motorcycles began in 2003. Building gas powered bicycles to assist and support my community, has become my passionate endeavor.

Moreover, for those who fondly recall attaching a playing card to their bicycle spokes as children, the melodious sound of a gas powered bicycle reignites that inner childlike excitement. It's a dream come true for those seeking a nostalgic connection and a touch of whimsy in their riding experience.

Join me where I blend craftsmanship, exhilaration, and the sheer joy of exploration to bring you the finest custom gas motorized bikes available. Let us make your two-wheeled dreams a reality.