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iOS App#1 - Parent's/parental Weather Companion  (available to download! for almost all iPhone and iPad Models/form factors) 

this mobile app, an International Edition

Currently is Available in over 175(One hundred and Seventy Five) countries to iNSTALL and use !

Parental Weather Companion - an iOS app with many features that are not available in other weather alert apps. It's useful in many ways while shopping, on a road trip, or on an international trip, so you can take better care of kids and/or pets, especially when the weather condition is hot or cold. Use this app from any part of the World, as long as you have Internet connection in your device(iPhone or iPad). 

Special Features: Voice/Siri activated launch, can be connected to your vehicle, so it automatically announces weather changes in your automobile's speaker, hands free!, Driving Mode. Switch to one of the many Apple provided voices as you like, and hear your weather report in the voice of your choice.

Note: After installing the app using the App Store button to your left, take a moment to read the About Tab contents entirely to fully benefit from this app.  If you are in a rush/hurry, read the Operating Guide/App Manual(Buttons, Switches, and Options).

If you have any question regarding the app, contact : 

PS: app available for apple/iOS devices only 

Note: Hope you enjoyed using Parental Weather Companion for more than a Year now, since it has been released. If you like the app and need it to be continuously functional, you can do so by paying via crypto.  

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Based on how my app had been useful to you, you can name the price.  

Enhancements: Also, we are working on an enhanced version of Parental Weather Companion with more features, when time permits.