Automatic Traffic Monitoring

Team Leader: Behroz Ahmad Ali


Kabul Municipality has a team that records the video of the traffic in various intersections in Kabul city. The team members then watch the video and manually count the number of different types of vehicles that go to each four route in the intersection. Kabul Municipality needs this data to get an idea of the growth of traffic in the intersections and on the roads of Kabul city in order to maintain a smooth flow of traffic by making proper plans for the development and designs of the roads. However, their current methodology where they count the number of vehicles manually is very time consuming and prone to many human errors. Therefore, we are working on a computer vision software that can automatically detect the vehicles, recognize their types, count them, and generate a report in real-time. Our solution can also detect the traffic jams in any part of the city and report it to the concerned authorities within no time and also detect many other traffic violations. This software will greatly help the Kabul Municipality in the control of traffic in Kabul city.