Cafe Blinds

Café Blinds are the best for protecting your exterior entertaining areas from Australia's bright sunshine, windy weather and persistent insects like flies, mosquitos and midges.

As Australia's leading café blinds manufacturer we guarantee that you won't find a cheaper product anywhere and it you do we offer installation free of charge.

What Are Cafe Blinds And When Might You Need Them?

Cafe blinds are also called an awning. They work very well for restaurants that want to extend the seating area to outdoors so that they can seat customers there for their dining experience. They can protect the tables and the customers from the elements of the weather and they will offer shade when the sun is out. It's an ideal way to extend the restaurants seating to the outdoor areas.

Another great benefit is that cafe blinds will also offer shade to those customers that choose to dine indoors. Positioned over windows they can cut back on the glare and heat that presses in through the window and overheats the customers or shines into their eyes.

Cafe blinds also look nice on homes and can extend the living area to the outdoors. They are aesthetically pleasing and will offer a nice curb appeal to homes that have an area that may face the street.

Families will enjoy spending more time together outdoors with cafe blinds installed in their home. They will keep the hot summer sun out and the cooler air indoors. Since they can be rolled up and stored they are ideal for the winter months as well. You can roll them up and allow the winter sun to envelop the home and offer some warmth that way.

They offer a great flexible option for outdoor dining or just hanging out in the outdoors with friends and family. They keep the area underneath of them cooler and offer protection from the inclement weather so there's no worry about an unexpected rain ruining the party.

They can be found in a variety of sizes and shapes and designs so you're sure to be able to match your home's decor without having to stress over how they're going to look. Affordably priced you're sure to find exactly what you're searching for. From large to small and odd shapes you're sure to find exactly what you're looking for with ease when you choose to install these for your home, restaurant or office.

They're very easy to clean and resist mould and mildew so you're sure to use them for many years to come without having to replace them. Ideal for businesses, to build up brand awareness or simply for your outdoor living pleasure, you're sure to appreciate all that they have to offer you.

You can find them ready made, or you can have them custom made so you're sure to have the ideal solution for your outdoor living needs. Many are adjustable and you can have them all the way out or you can have them only partially out so that you have a bit of the area in the sun. This makes them ideal if you're trying to shade a window but still want a bit of sun to make its way in. Cafe blinds are an ideal solution for many different uses and will extend the living or dining area of any home or business.