Austin R. Kelly

Ph.D. Student, Researcher, and Instructor at Texas A&M University, Environmental Consultant, Botanist, Prescribed Fire Manager, Native Texan, Wetland Delineator, Ecological Restorationist, International Collaborator, Investor, Libertarian, Ordained Minister, Percussionist, Pianist, Volunteer, Rotarian, Toastmaster, and Steward of Natural Resources.

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Volunteering at the East Foundation's Data-Collection Deer Capture (October 2019)

Picture in Utah

Exploring Zion National Park in Utah during the Society for Range Management Annual Meeting (February 2017)

Volunteering as a drip torch carrier in a prescribed burn near Fayetteville, TX. (April 2017)

Working on rangeland health assessments at the Texas Youth Range Workshop in Junction, TX (Summer 2015)

Petting a Zebu steer on my Brazil study abroad trip (January 2019)

Teaching a Lecture on Important Range Plants at the TSSRM Youth Range Workshop (Summer 2019)

Champion Individual at the Texas State Fair Plant Contest (Fall 2016)

Meeting US Congressman Ron Paul at a Mises Institute Economics Convention (March 2017)

Graduating from the North Texas Buckskin Brigade (Summer 2016)