Latinx Leadership Summit 2018

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Why a Latinx Leadership Summit?

With the growing recognition of the needs for our Latinx community, members of the Auraria campus met 14 years ago to develop solidarity and support across the three institutions. The fourth annual summit was the first time the date moved from the time of the Latinx Heritage Month to the time of Cesar Chavez's birthday.

The purpose of the Latinx Leadership Summit is to nurture the cultural pride and identity development in the Latinx community on the Auraria Campus. With these efforts we intend to build a stronger sense of community, belonging, leadership capacity, and a sense of activism that permeates our campus and local communities. This summit intentionally commemorates the work of Cesar Chavez and recognizes those in our Latinx Community whose contribution and impact are reflective of his Life, Legacy and Leadership.

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Many members of our community have asked why we've shifted from Latino and Latin@ Leadership Summit to Latinx. The Pero Like team from Buzzfeed made a short video to explain more about Latinx.

Having trouble watching the embedded link? Search "What's the Deal with Latinx" in YouTube, or copy/click the link below:

They also made a pretty cool video called "This Is What Latinx Looks Like" that displays clips of Latinxs from around the nation. We enter this conversation

Having trouble watching the embedded video? Search "This is What Latinx Looks Like" in YouTube, or copy/click the link below: