August G. Tarantino (/ˌtærənˈtiːnoʊ/) is an American author, teacher, technologist, environmentalist and philanthropist. His stated intention is to help create the highest potential for positive change in the world.

Teaching & Facilitation

August offers Intuitive Writing (TM) classes, workshops and individual sessions nationwide. He brings over 20 years of creativity and visualization knowledge to his unique process. His teaching approach and writing style focuses on inspiration, transpersonal symbols, multi-level communication and authenticity. His primary intention is to help people gain experiential knowledge of their inner knowing, and create from that place in a safe and open environment. Attendees have found his approach to be perfect for gaining insight, finding inspiration, and overcoming writer’s block.

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Next Class: 12/27/19 Intuitive Writing (New Moon). CANCELLED DUE TO LOCATION.

The Lab at Ada's Bookstore & Cafe, Seattle, WA. $20.


  • Website Strategy, Planning & Best Practices Assessment
  • Walking the Camino De Santiago Trail in Spain
  • Holistic Retreat Center Selection & Travel
  • Sacred Site Travel in the US
  • Self Publishing Worldwide with’s Platform KDP
  • Making Money Online Remotely
  • Non-Profit Vision & Corporate Giving Fundraising
  • Crowdfunding with Kickstarter

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Personal Projects

  • Street Art Book Series (C) - Seattle - Portland - Seoul - Hawaii Island | Amazon, Gumroad, Etsy
  • Book Trilogy: Fiction - Affirmation Oracle -Intuitive Writing (TM)
  • World Photography
  • Tarantino Family Foundation
  • Deep Time Knowledge - World Monument Foundation
  • Nomad Travel Kits (C)
  • Yoga Balance Board (C)
  • MatTags (C)
  • Yoga Visualization (C)
  • Kinetic Power Mats (C)
  • Dark Foods (C)
  • PreTamp (C)
  • Chaustick (C)

Third Party Projects (Current & Past).

Volunteering & Work-Trade

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