Common Audi Repairs

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Top 10 Common Audi Repairs

1. Routine Maintenance Due - This is very important and can assure your good reliability and often prevent bigger repairs down the road. Some items like transmission service are not on the Mini maintenance schedule yet are very important. See number 5 below.

2. Malfunction Indicator Lights (MIL) - May indicate minor or serious problems. Have this checked out by a pro with the proper Mini test equipment.

3. Oil Leaks, burning oil smell - Audi engines commonly leak from the valve covers or tensioner gasket seals. Of course, leaking oil can be a fire hazard – the oil hitting the exhaust and burning while you drive is the smell, so it’s best to address the problem as quickly as possible. Leaking oil can also be a risk to the engine electronics. Oil permeates through the wiring and can attack electrical connections or damage control modules. This can often become increasingly expensive the longer it is left alone. With leaking oil, the longer the problem goes the less oil you have in your engine – so this could be catastrophic if not addressed quickly.

4. Clunking or Clicking Sound When Making Sharp Turns - This is often the result of ignoring a previous repair required on an axle CV Boot. The most common cause of this noise on an Audi is the drying out of an axle joint. Once the CV Boot has been torn, the grease is thrown out and the joint dries out and begins to wear quickly. The Audi dealer usually replaces the whole axle assembly at an extensive price. We have a solution that rebuilds the axle and lowers the cost significantly. If your CV boots are torn, then you are driving on borrowed time before this repair is necessary. Replacing CV boots is considerably less expensive than having to replace or re-build the axle assembly.

5. Exhaust Leak – Sounds Throaty When Accelerating - Many Audi models have a flexible joint in the exhaust between the down-pipe and the catalytic converters. This joint is prone to weathering and often begins to leak. While the deeper exhaust note can sound cool for a while, the results can be very expensive. The leaking exhaust can cause o2 sensor codes, cat efficiency problems and check engine lights accompanied by rough running. Unfortunately, the flex pipe is generally part of the catalytic converter assembly and therefore extremely expensive to replace. However, we have a solution that just replaces the flexible joint and is considerably cheaper.

6. Check Engine Light – Runs Rough - Rough running and a check engine light is commonly the result of misfires. Misfires can be isolated to a single cylinder or seen randomly across multiple cylinders. Random multiple misfires have many possible causes. The most common cause of misfires on a single cylinder is the ignition coil. Audi has experienced multiple issues with their ignition coils and in fact has initiated a number of recalls to replace them for free. We always check for you to see if your vehicle is subject to an open coil recall before we proceed.

7. Check Engine Light – Runs Great - If a check engine light stays on after a number of drive cycles and the engine runs normally the source of the problem is commonly an emissions related issue. Commonly on Audi vehicles this is a leak in the emissions gas recycling system, although typically, there are a number of common reasons that could set this situation. The worst case is a catalytic converter inefficiency problem where the exhaust gases are not being efficiently cleaned by the cat. In most cases, catalytic converters are covered under warranty for 8 years or 80K miles.

8. Turn Signals Stay On or Won’t Work at All - This is very common with older Audis. The common cause of this symptom is often the hazard switch. The indicators are wired through the hazard switch and failure of it causes the indicators to malfunction or stay on. This can also be the result of a faulty switch in the steering column, but this is the less likely of the 2 causes.

9. Coolant Leaks or Low Coolant Light On - Audis commonly have issues with a low coolant light coming on or a visible coolant leak under the car. There are a number of different reasons why this happens, however, the most common is a crack in the coolant reservoir. Often the leak is not visible until the car has warmed enough to open the crack as the coolant expands to the crack level. The leaking coolant will often reach an exhaust component first and evaporate – this makes the leak difficult to detect. Replacing the coolant reservoir is a relatively inexpensive job – certainly if compared to the cost of damage resulting from over-heating.

10. Intermittent electrical issues - Audis have a large number of modules, many hidden behind kick panels or under seats. Bad connections that are a simple repair can often mimic expense module replacement.

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