The Text to Speech Program

Relax your eyes and let Text to Speech Program do the reading

The Text to Speech Program is designed to read out any given piece of text with clarity and comes with a variety of choices to suit your needs. A software that can be helpful in many different scenarios, The Text to Speech Program requires minimum interference in its performance. The Program comes with completely human, non-robotic assortment of voices both male and female and belonging to a broad spectrum of age groups with speed settings.

This makes it the best text to Speech Program software for users to customize. The Text to Speech Program is also compatible with almost any digital device including smartphones, personal computers, tablets, and can read out texts of most software and apps available. This versatility of device and platforms make the Text to Speech Program a useful tool in situations starting from educational technology (E-Learning) and assistance of the differently abled to a simple aid for relaxation of your eyes and for leisure.

The Text to Speech Reader

Why use a TTS Reader or a Text to Speech Reader?

TTS software is a ubiquitous program nowadays and is essentially the core of major speech-related technology today. Some of the most large-scale uses of it include text to voice readers in airport terminals (and transports in general), GPS networks, smaller scale electronic devices such as alarms, etc. The Text to Speech Program can be used in just as many varied and highly customized purposes. It is a great help in research, when reading through dense and complex pieces of text in high quantities can put strain on the eyes. It is also suitable for wider classroom purposes that can benefit from e-learning. Since the Text to Speech Program is so easy to use, it can also be a great help when you're trying to relax, and need a calm voice to read you any piece of text you have been saving for later.

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New Text to Speech Program Audio Reader XL

Users with disabilities can also find The Text to Speech Program to be an indispensable aid. There are also multilingual functions for the user to read out the text in any chosen language they want. Not only is The voice reader software equipped with voices from different languages, there are also various accents for you to choose from. Every voice within the TTS Program database is extremely comfortable to listen to, and were constructed with particular care and attention to how human they sound. None of the voices are robotic in the slightest. The additional feature of saving the recorded speech as an MP3 file makes this the perfect software to use in both home and office environments.

Using Text to Speech Program

Operation compared to other TTS software

The cost-efficient maintenance of the Text to Speech Program distinguishes it from other software when in comes to use on a daily basis. The often changing and accelerating demands for a text to voice software at home, classrooms and for entrepreneurial purposes can make many other text to speech software harder to maintain because of their expensive frameworks. The Program is free to download and is extremely easy to maintain.

To listen to your chosen piece of text, just copy and paste it on the main window. For office or classroom purposes, you can also choose which line number to start form from the Settings option. You can then choose to save the speech in the form of an MP3 file to peruse later. Download this amazingly versatile text to voice software today!

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