Student Built Clawbots battling for soccer ball.

Check the video below for more action!

Katrina uploads RobotC code to her clawbot.

RobotC coding for a line following Robot.

Not Your Average Final: Auburn Students Test Robots in Engineering Class

Carrie Chantler • Hanging out in the high school gym on a Saturday making robots drop small balls into baskets might look like play, but for some students, shooting those kind of hoops was an engineering class final.

The Auburn High School Technology Department Robot Competition brought 16 robots and their creators to a 12 by 12 course, fashioned by teacher Bill Gilmore, where 44 small green and orange balls were meant to land in various baskets no taller than two more

Our Mission

Auburn High Robotics provides students with the tools to enter high performing colleges and universities andfind successful careers in a rapidly changing workplace. We equip them with skills in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics as they complete time-limited projects, and we help them grow professionally through intense community involvement, business strategies, and leadership roles.

Our Vision

Auburn High Robotics is creating a generation of teens who are passionate about science, technology, engineering, and mathematics and providing them with the dexterity necessary to enter the workforce ready to compete in our global marketplace. We are also revitalizing the innovative spirit of our community through service projects, demonstrations, and yearly robotics competitions.

Our Core Values

Family: Our team is more than a collection of students, mentors, teachers, and parents. We are a family. We believe in each other, watch out for each other, and expect each other to succeed. Our team accepts, respects, loves and most importantly enjoys each other’s company.

Excellence: Every build, every competition, every event, every award; we do each task to our utmost.

Our team is motivated, passionate, and hard-working. Auburn High Robotics never settles for second best.

Recent Awards and Recognitions:

o 2013 CNYTEEA Technology Dept. of the Year

o 2013 CNYTEEA Technology Teacher of the Year

o NYS Electrathon Challenge First Place - ’08, ’09 , ’10, ’11, ’12

o 2012 VEX Robotics World Championship Qualifier

o 2012 VEX Robotics Teacher of the Year

o 2012 VEX Robotics Regional – First Place

o 2012 VEX Robotics Team Excellence Award

Outreach: The only way to change a community is to be part of it. Our community is not just our school, our city, or our state. It is every place that our voice, our hands, and our hearts can reach. Our team consistently looks for ways to interact with our community – both with our excitement about robotics as well as our passion for service.

Fun: We believe that we are our most successful when we are having fun doing what we do. Whether it be cheering at competitions, eating pizza and wings during our meetings, playing with and running robots with elementary school students, or simply enjoying each others company, we want to bring as much excitement and joy to our lives and to the lives of others as we can.


The Auburn High School Robotics Club was developed in 2012 in an attempt to find yet another competitive outlet for students to showcase their Engineering skills and knowledge. With a goal of designing and building an entry level robot to compete in VEX Robotics competitions, the Team pulled together everything they had learned over the past years and built Amber.

The team, and Amber, went on to not only show up at the Syracuse Regional VEX Robotics Competition, but they took First Place in the Robotics Tournament, the Excellence Award for best designed robot, and Mr. Gilmore was awarded the VEX Teacher of the Year Award. Their win in Syracuse qualified the Team for the VEX World Robotics Competition in Los Angeles, CA.

In April 2012, the Team packed up their tools and Amber and headed off to California to compete against the best robotics team from all around the world. With a huge contribution from the community and staff at AHS, the team was able to raise enough money to make their dream come true. California was unforgettable. Amber took a few rough hits in an early qualifying match and continued to compete throughout the weekend with quite a few injuries. Regardless, the Team came together in the end and finished strong, placing in the top 15% of over 500 teams from over 50 nations.