·What is Electrathon?

This project involves the research, design, construction, and competing of an all electric racecar, also known as an electrathon car. Much like solar racers in design and construction, this three-wheeled vehicle is powered by up to two 12 volt batteries powering a 13 hp electric motor. Currently, electrathon cars are being raced all across the country by high school and college students and other electric vehicle organizations. The goal of this vehicle is to travel the most distance in a given time on a limited source of electrical energy.

· Why Build an Electric Car?

With the integration of Project Lead the Way's Engineering program here at Auburn High School, students finally have the opportunity to work with and experience an engineering based curriculum like never before. Because of PLTW's in depth study of design, production, and electronics, these same students are getting a hands on education in college level engineering. What better way to help motivate them and other students to take this knowledge to the next level!! By designing a fully functional race vehicle and competing with other local districts across NYS, students will be able to put to use their new found engineering knowledge. Please check the links on the left for more information on Project Lead the Way and be sure to read our goals for the project, located below.


Auburn's Electric vehicle will be used for years to come to not only educate high school students but to help motivate community members, younger generations, and other educators across the country to increase environmental awareness, Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math. With races, tours, and events such as the NYS Technology Fall Conference, and the National Electrathon race at Lime Rock Speedway, the vehicle is sure to make itself known. If you would like to be a part of this ongoing project please feel free to contact us. Any type of donation is greatly appreciated, and we will be sure to give your business/organization the credit it deserves. Thank you.

The main objectives of This project are:

  • Increase students' and publics' awareness of alternative sources of energy.
  • Advance the implementation of electric vehicles into technology department curriculum across the country.
  • Combine hands on learning in the fields of electronics, design, and materials use, with real life applications.
  • Lay groundwork for the continued study of electric vehicles and alternative sources of energy into the Auburn High School and New York State curriculum.