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"Community and education are of the utmost importance in my life. I have long believed that a community thrives when each of us is willing to contribute to its betterment. I solemnly pledge to my community that I will tirelessly work to create enriched experiences, services, and opportunities, ensuring the ongoing success of my fellow human beings. I firmly believe that as a nation, we prosper when we possess knowledge about the prevailing trends, opportunities, risks, and threats within our society. Informed decision-making and prosperity go hand in hand, necessitating a thorough understanding of the issues at hand."


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Aubray McPherson is a proud graduate of Walden University, having earned the following degrees:

In addition to her academic achievements, Aubray has pursued further educational and trade in the following areas:

Employment History


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Aubray McPherson is the visionary CEO and founder of WEBJEDININJA, a dynamic business consulting firm. WEBJEDININJA specializes in empowering entrepreneurs and business owners, assisting them in exploring, expanding, designing, developing, implementing, and supporting new or existing business concepts. The firm's mission is to fuel the growth and expansion of individuals within this category by providing comprehensive support and resources.

Since its establishment in 2014, Aubray McPherson has been instrumental in connecting individuals with vital services that enable their businesses to thrive. WEBJEDININJA's satisfied clientele have come to appreciate and rely on a wide range of services, including:

WEBJEDININJA's commitment to excellence, coupled with their comprehensive suite of services, has earned them a loyal and growing customer base of entrepreneurs and business owners seeking to transform their ideas into flourishing ventures.

Chairwoman and Executive Director

Aubray McPherson's involvement with the Antelope Valley Student Recognition Program was marked by her dedication to fostering educational excellence and celebrating student achievements. Through her work with the program, she played a crucial role in recognizing and honoring outstanding students in the Antelope Valley area. Her commitment to supporting education and young talents made a significant positive impact on the community, as she worked tirelessly to uplift and acknowledge the accomplishments of local students 

As the Chairwoman of the Antelope Valley Student Recognition Program, Aubray McPherson took on a leadership role that exemplified her commitment to education and community betterment. During her tenure, she spearheaded initiatives to expand the program's reach and recognition, ensuring that even more deserving students received the acknowledgment they deserved. Her strong advocacy for academic achievement, volunteerism, and community involvement was reflected in her efforts to engage with schools, parents, and local businesses to further support the program's mission.

Under her guidance, the program not only continued to recognize exceptional students but also actively sought out opportunities to provide scholarships and educational resources to help students pursue their academic and career goals. Aubray McPherson's leadership as Chairwoman left a lasting legacy of educational excellence and community engagement, demonstrating her unwavering dedication to the youth and the future of the Antelope Valley region.

Always actively supporting Public School Districts (when time allows)

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Teaching Experience

Aubray McPherson in her pass time understands the importance of education. Unaware to many within the State of California, there is a massive teacher shortage plaguing the state. It is because of this shortage Ms. McPherson has designated many of her days in between running her business and nonprofit efforts to support local school districts within her hometown, Lancaster, CA. The following school districts are those that Ms. McPherson has supported: 

Ms. McPherson has a specialization in working with Special Education students who fall under the categories of Mild to Moderate and Moderate to Severe. Given the severe shortage of teachers currently faced by the State of California, she strongly encourages anyone who meets the necessary qualifications to offer their support as a Substitute Teacher or Full-Time Teacher. Your valuable time and dedication in any capacity could make a significant difference in providing the much-needed support and positive impact that a current student may require.

Community Accomplishments

Political Candidate For: Mayor

Where: City of Lancaster, California

Candidate Year: 2020

Ballot Placement: 3 out of 5 Candidates

Who Won: "Incumbent" 

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Aubray McPherson, a former 2020 Mayoral Candidate for the City of Lancaster, California, held political views grounded in the idea that individuals are best suited to self-govern with minimal government intervention, thus fostering stronger community bonds. As a former political candidate, Mrs. McPherson advocates for the creation of more local job opportunities by expanding career paths to provide more advantageous positions within the community. She values education and believes that both educational and employment systems should invest in helping their students and employees thrive.

In terms of her political stance: As a Moderate Republican, she recognizes the importance of specific social systems while emphasizing the need for individual contributions to the nation's success. She believes that abortion is a personal matter between a woman and her physician and should not involve the government.

Mrs. McPherson is a member of both the NAACP and the NRA, and she is a strong advocate for equal opportunities for all Americans and the right to protect themselves, their families, and livelihoods when their safety is threatened.

She places great importance on community safety and supports law enforcement officers and their families in upholding law and order within the nation.

Additionally, Mrs. McPherson is a dedicated supporter of military members and veterans. She understands that those who have served to protect our nation are often underpaid and underappreciated. She believes that these individuals should receive livable wages, hazard pay, and that their families should have access to future benefits and opportunities. Mrs. McPherson is committed to rectifying the historical lack of support from the Federal Government for these essential members of our society.

In summary, Aubray McPherson, a Moderate Republican, advocates for individual responsibility and limited government intervention. She values personal choices, such as abortion, as private matters. Her memberships in both the NAACP and the NRA reflect her commitment to equal opportunities and self-defense rights for all Americans. She strongly supports community safety and law enforcement, and she is dedicated to improving support for military members and veterans.

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