Allen University Environmental Justice Institute


  • One of the foci of this collaboration is to work with environmentally stressed communities with a major focus on youth development.
  • To raise awareness among community members about the environment and health issues affecting their communities.
  • To provide communities with the tools to identify and analyze the environment and health issues and conditions.
  • To provide communities with tools to identify and utilize resources to address the issues.
  • To develop leadership within the community to increase the likelihood of success in sustaining community interventions.
  • To build a sustainable pipeline of students that are educated in the environmental factors that impact upon community health as a way to increase interest in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics).


Message from our student interns: We are a group of passionate and talented students led by inspiring mentors. We hope to be a voice amongst fellow students and our neighborhood on the dangers of pollution, environmental hazards and possible remedies to forestall these re-occurring phenomena caused by both nature and man-made events. In 2 to 5 years, we hope to send a message to the global community on climate change and the way forward.

Student Presenter at the 2017 10th Annual National Conference on Health Disparities in New Orleans, LA.

Student Intern working during the summer of 2017 at Allen University Biology Research lab.

Dr. Ariyo addressing the participants during an informative grant writing workshop sponsored by Allen University EJI grant.