Conceived in 2011, Atomic Vulture is an instrumental three piece stoner/space rock outfit from Belgium.

They sound old-school, dusty and they rock like the center of the sun. Swirling grooves, thunderous driving beats and hot bass lines.

Their tracks have a divine atmosphere, often swinging between fuzzed out grooves and a more ambient style, not forgetting to add some psyched or even doom aesthetics from time to time.

When on stage, crowds swing head to hips, side to side, unsuccessful to contain their feet from tapping. A dance is never far away, due to a live vibe and ever groovy tunes.

In July 2012 they released their first EP. It was embraced by the stoner audience and the band's fan base grew rapidly. The next EP 'Planet Emerald' saw light early 2013 and later that year the single 'Moon Base' announced a further exploration of space.

In 2014, they self-released their debut album 'Into Orbit'.

It was followed by the 5-track EP ‘Stone of the Fifth Sun’ in 2018. (Jackalope Music (DE)/ Polderrecords (BE))

Their newest album, 'Moving Trough Silence', was released in 2021 and brought them to the stages of Alcatraz Festival and Desertfest.

Atomic Vulture has toured in Europe several times, sharing the stage with many bands, including Kadavar, Conan, Greenleaf, Monkey3, Black Rainbows, Colour Haze, Dopelord, Spiders, Fatso Jetson,...

Band Members

  • Pascal David - Guitars

  • Kris Hoornaert - Bass

  • Jens Van Hollebeke - Drums