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Ati Svelte – The Premium Face Yoga and Face Lift Course, with its Headquarters – ‘Hale and Belle’, is a Unique Gym for Face and Soul!

Facial exercises support the elimination of most common aging and other skin concerns. Register for a personalized face yoga program.

Face Yoga vs Botox

Why Face Yoga?

The Face Yoga is scientifically-backed technique that has been ruling the market as #1 non-invasive, all-natural, painless, conventional, and holistic approach. The technique involves muscle exercises, stretching, breath work, acupressure, Gua Sha, and Yoga Asans. Face Yoga is a pro-aging technique that not only take years off your face but give you back the best years of your life.

Your Facilitator

The Face Yoga Practioner and Mentor, Neisha Arora has studied yoga under the tutelage of one of the foremostauthorities of Yoga, fully accredited by the World Yoga Organisation. She's 'Daksheha' Certified Face Yoga Instructor, Gua Sha and Lymphatic Massage Trainer from India, here to help you discover peace within your inner self and help you heal and glow form the inside-out. She is also a Content Writer, Google Publisher, and Beauty Blogger. Neisha applies her knowledge in skincare products and brings in the traditional At-Home Skincare DIYs with the Face Yoga Technique for balanced and rejuvenating sessions.

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