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Who are we?

We’re two strength and conditioning coaches that are currently with organisations such as Scottish Rugby, the University of St. Andrews and the High School of Dundee to help develop their athletes for long-term athletic success and performance!

Based on our experience in the field we have come to realise the importance of long-term athletic development (LTAD) and what young athletes really need in order to progress. However, implementing this into modern day sports training has been a challenge for numerous reasons.

From our combined experience we have worked with leading experts in regards to LTAD and devised our 6 stages of building an athlete!

We hope to share our thoughts, experiences and content to help understand LTAD more comprehensively and to help develop young coaches in the industry laying the foundations of a good athlete - be it the next world class performer or top amateur club performer.

We understand that “every coaching model is wrong” but we like to think ours is pretty useful!

Behind Athlete Performance Hub are coaches Scott Teister and Lorne Christie. Both are passionate about taking athletes forward with regards to sports performance, general health, and injury prevention. They actively seek out the very best ongoing personal development courses and workshops with well-respected and recognised governing bodies and organisations.

Both are excellent in getting athletes physically prepared for their sport by getting them lightning quick, powerful and strong. They achieve this by following their guiding principles and laying the foundations of a world class athlete! Both are also very devoted in teaching athletes the principles and performance habits in order for them to thrive in their teams and sport!

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy at the Athlete Performance Hub is to develop athletes for long term success in their sports and give them the education and tools required to perform to their full athletic capabilities. Whether that’s to become the next world class champion, to be the best player on their team or to just better themselves in their sport.🥇

Our guiding principles when prescribing strength and conditioning programmes are to keep it simple and keep the main thing - the main thing! We prioritise human fundamental movements and develop high quality movement with our athletes before progressing - we believe everyone must earn the right to progress! 📈

This training model has been developed to be implemented longitudinally to build and consolidate excellent foundations to all our athletes. This will equip them to excel in their sports and hopefully set them up with the skills, mindset and prerequisites for taking their performance to the next level and for them to carry in life! 🏆

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