Athia Samaj (UK)


Tickets for the Annual Summer Picnic are on SALE NOW. More details and link to purchase your tickets can be found via our Events page.

The Athia Samaj people were originally from Gujarat. Having migrated to England in the 1960s from not only India but other countries including Malawi, Fiji and South Africa. We formed this community group offering advice and social connections to the Athia Samaj community.
This website is for all members of the UK Athia Samaj community and we would also like to welcome members from around the world.

Holi 2022

We originate from the seven villages below

  • Bhagwanpura

  • Kachhia Bori

  • Dhamrad

  • Godsamba

  • Ilav

  • Mandvi

  • Navsari

Check out the interactive map to see their locations in Gujarat.