Multidisciplinary Designer

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We live in an age in which we are all increasingly responsible for the development of our careers. In the changing world of work, I designed this website to be, together with my resume, my passport to new opportunities.

I have a considerable 20 years experience in the field of architecture/design and have also developed a solid understanding of the architecture design and construction practices and how to work with resources at different business levels. I see myself as a multidisciplinary designer. I understand how diverse areas of expertise can come together to solve complex design problems.

Jose F. de Athayde Neto


In 1997, I had the honor of being selected by the United Nations to participate in the Iaeste-Unesco program to work in Yugoslavia for the Institute for Conservation of Cultural Monuments.

What can I offer to you?

I am confident that my qualifications and design flexbility will be of value for you and believe that my years of work experience as well as my academic background will single me out as capable candidate for a position in your company.