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Thank You from Wade Speas

posted May 19, 2017, 1:58 PM

Amanda Greene recently helped me gather and organize documents for application to two lineage society organizations.  I understand that when applying to a lineage society it is important to provide clear and definitive links between the generations without adding extra, unnecessary information.  Amanda provided exactly what was needed. I was very pleased at how quickly she was able to put together a detailed, accurate, and organized package, which allowed my applications to be approved quickly and without correction.  She even provided family photos and newspaper articles I had not seen. I highly recommend Amanda to anyone interested in genealogical research, particularly to those seeking documentation for meeting strict lineage society requirements.

Wade Speas

Thank You from Amy M. Richardson

posted May 8, 2017, 1:47 PM 

Amanda Greene, of Lineage Genie, helped me with my genealogy for both the DAR and NSCDA applications. Her methodical, detailed and intellectual approach to unveiling my lineage was absolutely amazing and honestly, I never would have been able to accomplish so much without her assistance. As this is Amanda’s field of expertise, she has access to a plethora of data, websites and research that is needed to help unveil one’s lineage, which I would never be able to discover on my own. Her thorough knowledge of genealogy and how to present the material was crucial to the application process above and she did an outstanding and extremely professional job from beginning to end in presenting my lineage. The best part about using Amanda for my genealogy, was that because of her love and curiosity of history and genealogy combined, she actually went above and beyond what the applications required and when she came about a fun article or picture of an ancestor during her research, she would include that with the other necessary material, thus providing me with some great photos and newspaper articles from the 1800’s on ancestors I never would have discovered on my own. Amanda is very professional and super easy to work with and I highly recommend using her for any type of genealogical project.

Amy M. Richardson

A Happy Dame!

posted May 8, 2017, 1:33 PM 

I enthusiastically recommend Amanda Greene for genealogical research. 

Over the years, several of my family members accumulated photos, anecdotes, journals and other memorabilia. There were substantial gaps in some data. Amanda worked with me to formulate the material chronologically, sent me off to obtain the proofs that I could, and used her considerable research skills when I was baffled. A seamless family line was documented last year and my application was accepted and approved by the Colonial Dames of America.

My entire family is delighted.

Linda Z. Seelbach

Thank You from Elizabeth E. Clark

posted Feb 16, 2017, 11:30 AM 

I highly recommend Amanda Greene for genealogical research.  Amanda successfully prepared my applications to the DAR and NSCDA.  She traced my ancestry to the late 1500s and guided me through the process of obtaining various birth and death records for the first four generations of my family.

Amanda is exactly the person you want helping you research and document your lineage.  She is professional, intelligent and detail-oriented.  Amanda is extremely organized, conscientious and so easy to work with.  She has a genuine interest is genealogy and really enjoys putting the pieces of one’s ancestry puzzle together.  Amanda has access to a wide range of online resources as well as established relationships with many other respected genealogists with whom she will not hesitate to contact on your behalf if needed.

I was so impressed with the packet of lineage application documents she put together for me once I had received all of the generation 1-4 proofs.  I literally had to sign the application, seal the envelope that she had already addressed and put in the mail.  She also provided me with a copy of my lineage papers tabbed by generation for my personal records. 

I am profoundly grateful that Amanda helped me with my family documentation.   I definitely could not have done it on my own.  Her assistance was invaluable in simplifying what seemed like a daunting and overwhelming endeavor for me.  She went beyond my expectations and I cannot thank her enough.  Without reservation, I encourage anyone needing genealogic research to utilize Amanda Greene’s expertise.

Elizabeth E. Clark

Member, Association of Professional Genealogists

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