I am an empirical macroeconomist, primarily interested in policy driven questions. I have a keen interest in credit dynamics, financial conditions, exchange rates, and commodity prices; I am interested in how these variables move and what factors drive these movements, as well as how these movements affect economic growth, consumption choices, international trade and capital flows, prices, and financial contagion.

My broad research interests are in...

  • international macroeconomics
  • financial and monetary economics
  • macroeconometrics and forecasting

Work in progress:

  • "The Forward Guidance Puzzle and Exchange Rate Dynamics", with Marco Pinchetti (ECARES, Universit√© libre de Bruxelles)
  • "Expenditure Switching, Credit Constraints, and Price Shocks"
  • "Forecasting the Inflation Response to Price Shocks: A Behavioural Approach"
  • "Exchange Rate Policy and International Trade: Evidence from the EMU"
  • "Forecasting Recessions: Reasons behind Yield Curve Inversion"