Achaarya Humaera

Acharya Humaera is one of the most influential practitioners in the philosophy and teaching of the ancient science of Vastushastra in United Kingdom and has catered to clients internationally in UK, Europe, USA, Canada, Africa, Australia and India. She completed her MBA from one of the top 10 universities in Europe, is a Six Sigma Blackbelt and a Winner of the Women in business awards by CETA (Community Education & Training Academy, UK).

An MBA with 15+ years of experience in the corporate world who brings to the table her knowledge of the real world and blends these with the mystical sciences of Astrology, VastuShastra, Ayurved and Numerology. A finance professional in search of the right direction turned to MahaVastu which is the science of directions itself. AFC, Mahavastu Acharya, Numerologist, Lal Kitab expert, Nadi Expert, Ramal Expert, KP Astrology Expert, Humaera has advised more than 250+ individuals at Yogdaan's and over 250+ successful cases on childbirth, health, litigation's, payment recovery, career, financial and business growth, and trained 200+ participants to see life from a Vedic perspective