About Me

Here you will find information about everything you need to know about me.

More About Me

I have been making mc resource packs since August 2019 and am aspiring to be a better pixel artist.

Links To My Stuff
Planet Minecraft: This is where you can find links to all my resource packs and other projects

My Discord: Here you can find sneak peeks and other announcements related to my stuff

Vanilla Extract: This is one of the major projects I'm working on. I'm working together with other people to make a resource/data pack picker like vanilla tweaks.

Infinity & Ores: A mod I'm working to texture for with some other people. This will add more dimensions, ores, mobs, etc...

Bedrock Versions: All the bedrock versions of my java packs created by ItsSpooky.

-using my textures in your texture packs (if you publish the pack):
-you can use my textures if you credit me on the pack page and in a credit.txt in the pack itself.
-it must say: "astroidbuster's [pack used]: alex.ezknight.net".
-if you use my textures send a link in #stuff-using-my-textures in my discord server, I would like to know what resource packs are using my textures.
-using my texture packs in a video:
-i would love for you guys to use my packs in videos.
-i would like it if you could link the pack in the description of the video.