Astrochemical Frontiers 2021

Quarantine Edition 2

Abstract submission is due June 4 , 2021, 14:00 UTC

Program will be announced on June 15, 2021

Registration (free) will close on July 1, 2021, 14:00 UTC

Conference Announcement - Astrochemical Frontiers - Quarantine Edition 2

July 5 - 9, 2021 - online -10:30-14:00 UTC

Sponsored by IAU Commission H2 Steering Committee:

E. Bergin (President), P. Caselli (Vice-President), J. Jorgensen (Secretary),

Y. Aikawa, M. Cunningham, W. Geppert, K.Ă–berg, T. Millar (Ex-officio)


July 2: Practical information (e.g. presentation time, slack...) is sent to the registered participants at 15:37 (JST) using the meeting mailing list. If you registered but have not received the announcement, please check your spam folder. Meeting zoom URL will be sent via the mailing list the day before the meeting.


June 25: Abstract booklet (pdf) is now available at "Program" page.


To the registered participants:

We are currently trying to make a mailing list of the participants for the announcements on details of the meeting (e.g. zoom address). You may receive a Japanese message which contains "AF2021" from google in coming several days.


Dear Fellow Astrochemists -

It remains a challenging time for all of us but as before we know that there is fantastic work out there that should be highlighted in international forums. After our successful virtual conference last June we have received some requests for a repeat. As such we will organize Quarantine Edition Version 2 on July 5-9 this year. The time choice this year is optimized for Asia-Europe and we apologize to our North and South American colleagues.

In terms of topics we value all work in our interdisciplinary field. We therefore encourage you to apply for a talk and the SOC, comprised of the steering committee above, will create the schedule. We anticipate over-subscription to our 40 speaking slots and will focus the content on frontier/field-leading topics whether theory, observation, or the lab. Our goal remains to focus on early career scholars whose ability to network and promote their work has been severely hampered. However, we welcome applications for contributed talks from all career stages.


Meeting will be held on Zoom with a dedicated link for each day.

Talks will be 15 minutes (10 min talk and 5 for questions). Please adhere to this schedule - keep your slides light to make it easy to stay on time.

Schedule each day (in UTC):

10:30-10:40 - setup and logistics

10:40-11:40 1 keynote (30 minutes) and 2 x 15 minute talks

11:50-12:50 4 x 15 minute talks

13:00-14:00 2 x 15 minute talks and 1 keynote (30 minutes)

We will manage the schedule such that talks from North/South America will be in the late slots. All talks will be recorded and placed on the conference web site. We stress that accepting to give a talk means that you accept the talk being recorded - no exceptions. Please give references for all your figures given that these talks will be hosted online. For those watching recordings we will enable Q&A with the speakers during the week of the meeting.

Attendance to the conference will be by admitted registrants only.

First come, first serve - limited to 500

Keynote Presentations to be given by:

Arthur Bosman

Ilsa Cooke

Viviana Guzman

Daniel Harsono

Melissa McClure

Brett McGuire

Yuri Nishimura

Yoko Oya

Masashi Tsuge

Marie Van de Sande

We wish you the very best to you and your families,

IAU Commission H2