Micro Observatory

15th June 2017 (Below) Summer tidy up of the observatory. Wiring tidied up - floor hoovered - pier painted etc. The pier had to be shortened by 4" to accommodate the new mount and new bigger scope that should arrive tomorrow (or the roof wouldn't be able to close!) Extra battery power added - now 330aH in two batteries - one for 'clean' supply - cameras, USB hub etc and one for 'dirty' supply - things that switch on and off a lot like dew heaters etc. - two C-TEK chargers installed to keep them topped up and ready for action. Nearly the longest day now - the nights will be drawing in again soon and proper darkness will return - bring it on!!!

(Above) Note to self - when laying conduit for cables from house to observatory - use a conduit twice as big as you think you will ever need. Saves digging up the trench 18 months later to do it again !!

Finished !!

Was it worth all the effort ? The above is the guiding graph showing how good or bad the tracking across the sky is - this is just about perfect and as good as it will ever get from a 'budget' mount.