Astrid van Alem

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I am a PhD student in Linguistics at Leiden University (started 2017). I'm especially interested in syntactic variation, the syntax-morphology interface, the way languages encode person and other forms of deixis, and Distributed Morphology. My current project on morphosyntactic variation with respect to the second person in Dutch dialects brings together all these interests. I hope to contribute to our understanding of how person is represented in the grammar. Since my MA thesis, I'm also intrigued by imperatives and the way they relate to the interfaces, since both the interpretative as well as the morphosyntactic properties of imperatives are quite different from those of declaratives and interrogatives. Before I came to Leiden, I studied Dutch (BA) and Linguistics (MA) at Utrecht University.


(2017) Prepositional numerals and spurious determiners. LingUU Journal, 1.1, pp. 6-17. Link

(2017) Topics in Dutch imperatives. MA thesis, Utrecht University. Link


Move "that" to the left! On topicalization in imperatives. Grote Taaldag 2018, Utrecht, February 3 2018. Handout

Barbiers, L.C.J. & van Alem, A.H.J. The case of Dutch and its dialects. An inventory. Workshop on case-impoverished Germanic, SOL, Lund University, October 6 2017. (presented by Sjef Barbiers)

Variability in agreement in two types of Dutch dialects. TWIST Student Conference for Linguistics, Leiden, April 22 2017.

Alem, A.H.J. van, Liu, Y., & de Vries, H. Non-quantificational distributivity with HAVE-predicates. Workshop on Co-Distributivity, CNRS, Paris, February 23 2017. (presented with Ying Liu)


For my MA thesis project, I collected data in 14 Dutch locations on verbal paradigms, complementizer agreement, and fronting in imperatives. If you are interested in the data for your research, please don't hesitate to contact me. (Click here for a picture of me doing fieldwork.)