Asteroid Collision

Space Station: Freedom 2's Final Minutes

The year is 2135 and Earth has made lots of progress in exploring our solar system. You are living in space on the space station Freedom 2 near the asteroid belt. The space station is a base for an asteroid mining company. They are mining for water, metals, and minerals. The company accidentally mined too deep and a big chunk of asteroid is headed straight for Freedom 2. Thousands of lives will be lost.

There is a special "Big Space Blaster" tool ("BSB" for short) that you have been developing, in secret, for just this kind of thing. But you lost all access codes to your secret lab. You know you have left hints around your room but you must decode them. The asteroid will destroy Freedom 2 in 45 minutes if you don’t get to your "BSB" tool in time. You have 45 minutes to get into your secret lab and save the space station.

This digital breakout was created by Shellye Wardensky.