Assets affect Compliance, Risk & Business performance.

Gain near real-time visibility into Asset usage

Tracks the financial, contractual, and inventory details of all Physical Assets & IT Assets – throughout their life-cycle

Inaccurate inventory, wasted resources, compliance issues, and service delays are all every day risks for enterprises that have serious consequences if not addressed. To mitigate risk, organizations need to know the assets they have, where they are, usage entitlements, who uses them, how they are used, how they are configured, what they cost, and the value they deliver.

Business Benefits of Asset Tracker


What Assets do I have?

Where are they being used?

Who uses them?

How often are they used?

If software, do I have a valid license for their use ?


Was the Asset purchased or leased?

What was the acquisition cost or the lease commitment?

What do I pay for maintenance?

When will my contracts expire?

Is the Asset fully depreciated?


Allows you to control Costs and achieve Cost Reduction

Simplifies the growing complexity of License management

Provides the foundation for the data in the asset database and enables effective Asset Management

Provides tools that allow you to measure the usage of shared Assets for resource accounting, Cost management & reduction

Find out how Asset Tracker can work for you


Reduce risk of theft through asset inventory control and risk of lost production and injury through routine maintenance and inspections


Reduces the burden of paper handling by assigning every asset to a Person / Location / Site. Manage Purchase records more efficiently by electronically capturing purchase request, approvals and purchase orders


Improves Service by preventing costly and unproductive downtime. All property, plant, and equipment is well maintained and fully operational at the right place, at the right time


Sves time spent searching for information on facilities, equipment and other physical assets. Saves money by eliminating costly emergency repairs, improving equipment uptime, and increasing asset longevity through effective preventative maintenance.


Asset Tracker offers a complete Purchasing system that helps you define the Cost Center and manage Purchase Orders with multiple levels of Purchase Request Approvals.


Get clear picture of the assets you own, the ownership details and its history. Asset Tracker accurately maintains a history of the asset, that includes ownership history, contract renewals and changes during the asset's life-cycle


Asset Tracker helps you effectively manage contracts with different vendors. It keeps and check on the expiry date and alerts for renewal. Detailed reports based on contracts such as contracts by maximum spend and contracts by vendors helps you negotiate and make informed decisions.

License Management with Auto Discovery

Supports all type of software licenses like OEM, concurrent, enterprise, free, named user, node locked, trial, CAL, volume and individual licenses.

Discovery tools to automatically capture and update accurate license information in real time, and remove the need to manually add Software Asset data

Asset Tracker Modules

Features & functions in detail ...



  • Ability to raise a Purchase Request
  • Approve Purchase Request from All or Any of the Approvers
  • Multiple Level of Purchase Approvers
  • Conversion of Purchase Request to Purchase Order on Approval
  • Purchase Order Approval Workflow
  • Provision for partial receiving of Purchase Order
  • Provision for recording Vendor's Invoice
  • Vendor Payments against Purchase Orders
  • Email Notifications to Approvers at all stages
  • Ability to export all Purchase data to excel



  • Categorized Records of all Configured Products
  • Vendor to Product Mapping
  • Product based Asset Creation
  • Categorize Asset as In Use or Idle or in Repair
  • Asset Allocation to Employees and / or Departments
  • Provision to Lease Asset for specific period
  • Associating Asset to a Site and Location
  • Defining Depreciation method at Product Level & Asset Level
  • 8 Diferrent Methods of calculating Depreciation
  • Ability to define Asset relationship with another Asset.
  • Audit records of all changes made to the Asset Records
  • Financial information like Purchase Cost, Operations Cost, Book Value, TCO of an Asset
  • Ability to export all Asset data to excel



  • Multiple type of Contract Creation e.g. Lease, Maintenance Warranty etc
  • Contract Renewals with history
  • Provision for linking one Contract to another
  • Associate one or more Assets to a Contract
  • Audit Records for Contract creation, modification and renewals
  • Email Notification to all stakeholders on Contract Changes
  • Filter Contracts based on Already Expired, recently expired, expiring in a week, month etc
  • Ability to export all Contract data to excel

software license management


  • Maintain License Agreements and Software Licenses
  • Improve software governance by monitoring software usage (unused, rarely used, and so on), number of installations, license types, compliance status, and license expiration.
  • Manage software licenses for every software installation on every workstation across the enterprise.
  • Track over licensed, under licensed, and compliant software to ensure software license compliance.
  • Schedule automatic scans across your network to periodically update asset information to ensure up-to-date and accurate data.
  • With automatic information updates for your assets, keep track of all changes and upgrades made with regard to every asset in the organisation.
  • Ability to export all License data to excel

Deployment Options

Pick a cloud option for quick implementation without capital investment, or deploy behind your firewall to address business compliance requirements.

Our open architecture lets you select from either Cloud or OnSite deployment.

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