About the Reader 

Hello, My name is Anna and I am a polytheist looking to help people heal. My spiritual journey started at a young age when I was able to see Angels. I spent so much time seeing doctors, trying to find a mundane reason as to why I was seeing them. I only found that what I was seeing was actually there. I started my journey working with Angels and I would consider myself a specialist in them. Now my practice is ever-changing and I communicate with a multitude of entities. I hope I can help people on their spiritual journey, whether it be in readings or general guidance. 

What is a spiritual journey and how can I start mine? 

A spiritual journey refers to the quest for a deeper understanding of oneself, the universe, and the divine. It involves exploring and experiencing spirituality on a personal level, often transcending traditional religious boundaries. Here are some key aspects and practices commonly associated with a spiritual journey:

Remember, a spiritual journey is deeply personal, and there is no right or wrong way to embark upon it. Allow yourself to be open, curious, and patient as you explore your spirituality. Embrace the growth, challenges, and transformation that may come along the way, and trust that your journey will unfold in its unique and meaningful manner.