Ethereum, Near Blockchain services and IPFS, Filecoin decentralized storage and Web3 tools to make driving safer and monitored 

Tools: SAP UI5, Java, Ionic, Near, IPFS and Filecoin, Fluence, Chainlink, Covalent, Web3 ecosystem tools


Our vision is to use blockchain technology to make driving safer and monitored for drivers, authorities, as well as other 3rd parties. With a mix of hardware and software powered by Ethereum blockchain services and IPFS/Filecoin decentralized storage, we will provide intelligent feedback about drive quality and help analyze past incidents, as well as predict future incidents


OEMs & Dealerships

Vehicle diagnostic, in-car service consumption

Smart Cities

Real-time traffic flow, incident alert, parking

Insurance Companies

Aggregated/anonymized driving data, incident data


Customer/Passenger demographics

Fleet Customers

Fleet performance, compare against competition

Other B2B

Content Usgae, frequency, length etc

Federal/State DoT

Breakdown data, accident data, environment data