Internet ASL Database (ASLdb.com) is a searchable database of published "exemplary" ASL videos.

Results from searches can be filtered by at least one of the following: signer name, year published, title, text type (i.e., literature or informational text), genre(s), topic(s), medium (e.g., DVD, e-book, and online video file), audience (i.e., preschool, elementary, secondary, and postsecondary), and English subtitle availability.

This project is a cumulative of Dr. Alex Zernovoj's (1) research and (2) 18+ years of past and present work as an ASL/English bilingual language arts teacher, ASL/Bilingual curriculum specialist, and District ASL Specialist.

The inspirations for this project are the fact we have endless shelves of English textbooks and books/novels everywhere at school/home and the fact there exists numerous searchable library catalogs/databases of English resources. Many of us have had to contend with working with a small number of readily available ASL DVD & VHS materials (and short lists of ASL video resources) as well as trying to find a perfect ASL video, with a high educational value, from a growing number of online ASL videos scattered across the internet (kind of like finding a needle in the haystack). This ASL database is designed make our teacher lives easier with this resource designed help us quickly locate any specific ASL videotext we need for instructional purposes.

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