Asia Social Impact Incubation Program 2022

Idea to Action:
Bridging the gap you care about in education.

Our mission

Asia Social Impact Incubation Program (ASII) aims to empower young leaders in Asia to create social impacts. We bridge the gap in educational inequality with young leaders.

The 2022 program features project management practice through online workshops and grant opportunities. We are expecting 10 to 12 participants in 2022.

Eligibility Criteria

Application Process and Participant Journey

The program will start from the end of February to November 2022. Applicants must complete an online interview and submit the application form before December 12 2021 to be eligible candidates. Only eligible applicants will be entered into the next steps.

I. Application Process

You may fill up the First-Stage Application Form if you are interested in joining ASII program. We will schedule an online interview with you.

A Video call session. We would like to know more about your background, motivation, experience, and project ideas in children's education.

Submit your second-stage application form after the online interview.

II. Incubation Period

Enrolled participants will be notified by email with workshop-related documents and an agreement before the end of January 2022. The incubation process will take up to 10 months to co-create a proposal and implement the project if awarded.

As a participant with a learning group

7 Workshops x 5 Mentoring Sessions x 1 Proposal

Through online workshops, you will acquire knowledge of designing applicable education projects, such as needs assessment, stakeholder analysis, and impact evaluation methodology. We will also guide you to develop your ideas into a proposal with budget and action plans.

  • Need assessment

  • Problem tree & Stakeholder analysis

  • How to design the questionnaire

  • Guest speaker sharing

  • Logical Framework

  • Budget plan & Proposal writing

You are obligated to submit a proposal before the third week of June. The seed fund would only be awarded to those with perfect attendance. Please be reminded that the grant opportunity is not limited to one participant and that the proposed project must be implemented within 2022.

As a grantee with up to 3000 USD seed fund

A 3-5 Month Project x 5 Monthly Meetings x 1 Final Report

Once awarded, you will receive an MOU and status tracking forms along with a designated seed fund of up to 3000 USD to carry out the project. While implementing the project, you are accountable for proceeding with it according to the proposal, updating the status twice a month.

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