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you and your family need money to live, thrive, and enjoy life.

I know, I know.

You did not get into this to make money and you’d do it even if you didn’t get paid for it (like now).

I’m sure you are driven by your passions and business/ money is an afterthought.

I help doulas and childbirth educators implement simple yet effective plans for life & business so they can avoid burnout, reclaim time for family & fun, and increase impact.

The truth is, the more money you have the more impact you can make.

So let’s work smarter NOT harder and get this bag.

Money Making Birthwork

Group Coaching $515

Birthwork is heart & spirit work but it’s still work. The work is unsustainable and will die before we see real change if YOU and your family aren’t taken care of in the meantime. That requires money. I created Money Making Birthwork to help you learn how to make more money and more impact in less time so you can avoid burnout and reclaim time for family and fun.

1 on 1 Coaching

For Accelerated Growth $1030

One on one coaching provides individual attention, accountability, mindset shifting and accelerated growth. This route will give you more access to me and my direction with the goal of helping you implement a simple get effective plan for a thriving business and life.

Daily Complexities [Book]

Lessons Learned From a Black Mom's Journey $10

Many of us have been told, "It's no longer about you." Whether that came with pregnancy, marriage or any other transition, IT'S NOT TRUE. Responsibilities change and increase making life more complicated. And yet self-love, self-care and self-determination must continue to be priorities for us.As you read this book, your thinking will be challenged. By the end, you will have experienced a mental shift that will allow you to see all of the support and resources that surround you and you will have developed a clear roadmap connecting your daily tasks to your life dreams.

Birth Class in a Box

As a result of using my Birth Class in a Box, Black women are having breathtaking births, avoiding unnecessary pain and enjoying the journey to motherhood. This is for women who want to know their options, make decisions in confidence and prepare for birth in a fun way.

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