Get To Know Us

Andrew Lundgren

Hi, I'm Andrew, I am the Owner/Operations lead for AS Green Lawncare and Landscaping LLC. I have over 15 years experience in the professional lawn care and landscaping  industry. I started mowing lawns as a teenager helping my grandfather and eventually servicing my own clients in my hometown of Jefferson, MD. I went on to work for multiple commercial landscaping companies gaining experience. In 2022, my wife and I decided to start our own company devoted to taking care of customers. You will never be just a number with us. 

Stacey Lundgren

Hi, my name is Stacey, I am the Co-owner and administrator of AS Green Lawncare and Landscaping LLC. I basically am the secretary and financial guru when it comes to this company. My husband and I started this small business in the hopes of venturing out and expanding his love and admiration for something he and his grandfather shared an interest in. Along with being full time owners of this business, we are also full time parents who dedicate our time and devotion to taking care of our child. We strive for greatness as well as compassion. We dedicate our work to our family, as well as our AS Green family.