Professional Development Resources for Alaskan Educators During COVID-19

This course is for K-12 teachers who are quickly moving their teaching from the traditional classroom setting to an online model.

This four-week class covers building a base for your teaching online, adjusting your curriculum, employing online survival strategies and developing your online teaching skills. See course flyer for full details.

One 500-level credit - Pass/No Pass - Tuition $145

Sections starting every Monday for the next three weeks 3/23/20, 3/30/20, 4/6/20

Sessions include:

  • Opportunity to learn and improve instructional practice through brief, online learning experiences (1-hour webinar on Zoom)

  • Opportunity to receive support with remote teaching techniques - Ideas and resources for both online and print materials

  • Opportunity to collaborate and problem solve around current instructional dilemmas

  • No Cost

  • View calendar and register below

Code Break! A live weekly webcast where our team will teach your children at home while school is closed.

Wednesdays, 9am AKST

Open Computer Science/Google Classroom Office Hours


Resources to Teach Computer Science at Home

Curated Instructional Resources for Educators and Families

Partner COVID-19 Resource Websites