Middle School Transformation

In partnership with schools, families, and the community, Allentown School District is committed to the transformation of middle schools.

The future of our world is in our classrooms today.

Why Middle School Transformation?

Middle grade success is critical to college and career readiness.

Middle grade attendance and academic performance (specifically GPA) provide the best indication of how students will perform in high school classes. And success in high school is crucial to graduating ready to thrive in a diverse and complex world.

ASD middle school attendance

Across middle schools in Allentown School District, regular attendance ranges between 73.6% - 84.6%. The graphic below illustrates the exponential impact a 6% increase in attendance rate can have on high school success, specifically 9th grade. [Graphic from University of Chicago CCSR Research Brief - Five Key Findings for Middle Grades.]

ASD middle school academic performance

Across middle schools, less than 40% of students are proficient in English language arts, and less than 20% of students are proficient in math. [Data from Future Ready PA Index PSSA results.] This level of academic performance in middle grades makes it nearly impossible for students to make up enough learning in high school to graduate college and career ready. The graphic below indicates the percentage of students proficient in each subject area in each middle school.

Each circle represents one middle school.

Statewide average - 62.1%

Each circle represents one middle school.

Statewide average - 45.2%